⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank - 2% monthly interest [currently holding 402b]

(IChooseYou) #350

Interest for November paid.

(LegionOfFog DDuksim) #351

3B sent for investment

(Donboy L) #352

Thanks for the interest, another 15 B sent for investment :slight_smile:

(IChooseYou) #353

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

(IChooseYou) #354

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

(Jerry T Pepridge) #355

I sent the 20b - no message
is skim?

(IChooseYou) #356

I think you are trolling, but if you are not, send me a screenshot.

(Jerry T Pepridge) #357

i not know thise words
i sended isk no person get?

(Tiddle Jr) #358

Where the moneys is Borat?

(Zahara Cody) #359

Imaginary, like his friends.