⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank [currently holding 614b]

I have 280b to put up as collateral. Get it while it’s hot!!!

Ill take it, 2 %?

I can throw up 2b.

Yes, please send isk to Norn. Loan period starts when I get the isk from Norn.

Norn to confirm?

Yep, I’ve looked at the collateral and valued it at 280b. You can send the ISK to me when ready.

sent 280bil

I just accepted the collateral from IChooseYou in exchange for 280b.

Received with thanks.

2b sent.

Receipt confirmed with thanks.

February interest paid.

Hi there,

do you still accept investment?

Fly smarter

Yes sir.

What are the conditions to participate?

You can mail me ingame if you prefer


Reach me on my discord server and we’ll talk. Sent you a PM too. https://discord.gg/Cut4cV5


5b sent today.


Receipt confirmed with thanks.

As per your e-mail earlier today, your isk has been refunded. Thanks for the business.

Isk received confirmed

Thank you. See you soon IChooseYou.