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10bil sent

hi i sent 3b with my alt MERCADERS. Thanks

1B sent.

Hey, I asked for a refund on June 2nd, which was 2 weeks notice before the end of the month. It’s now July 11th and I haven’t gotten it.

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I think since hes only doing interest payments every other month, he might be doing the same with refunds

just a guess

Well I was going by what it says at the top of the thread, which probably should have been changed in that case.

Hey man, sorry, as I am only paying interest every two months I am not checking this post as much as I should. In any event, I have now refunded your investment and included last month’s interest. Cheers.

Hello I would like to withdraw my 1b isk. Character name: Sayvin MeadowLion


Interest for the last two months has been paid. Due to a number of factors, including that I am now managing structures in a number of regions, and that I am not focusing on the investment fund as much, the interest will be 1% lower for the next two months. In other words, interest will be at 0.5%.

If you wish to have a refund on your investment, feel free to ask and I will sort you out this week. For those the others, keep in mind that the interest rate may rise as my higher intensity trading resumes.

Thank you! I’ll take my investment back for now but will keep an eye on the thread for the future.

Me too, ill be taking my 20b investment and will also keep an eye. :wink:

I haven’t received my interest. Also, I would like to withdraw please.

I must put myself on the list for withdrawals, 15,000 plex. It’s time to buy some dreadnoughts. Hooray! If I have surplus cash and interest raises in the future, I will be back; been a happy investor.

75bil reimbursed.

20b refunded.

I don’t have a record of your investment. Please PM me proof and I will be happy to rectify any error.

15k plex refunded.

Received, thank you sir

Received, thanks