⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank

Here you go!

Refunded with increased interest. Sorry about that.

Not received yet, if it was via contract it might have expired. I sent you a DM on discord.

I do not see any screenshot about the truth about the investment statement.

it is October 13 (eve time) and I have not received Aug and Sept Interest.

whoops, just realized i’m on the wrong char. This Char isn’t invested with you, but regardless, Aug and Sept have not been sent.

August + September interest paid.

As some of you may have noticed, the plex market isn’t doing too well these days. For that reason, and among others, I have been staying out of the plax market and not trading as much. There is definitely still an immense amount of isk to be made while trading, but it has become much harder at high amounts.

Given the break in trading on my part, there will also be a break in the interest paid to investors. Interest rate is at at 0% until further notice.

Current investors can have their isk refunded and I am not accepting any new investors. If you have your isk refunded, you will not be able to re-invest until further notice.

After over 24 months of consistent interest payments, I thank all those who have trusted me.

On that note, I would like a refund please. Pleasure doing business with you.

@IChooseYou I would like to withdraw my 100B investment. Many thanks for all the good times, and wish you all the best :slight_smile:


600b in holding and you call yourselves an investment bank? What is the investment idea, wait until you figure out what to do with that much ISK and then run away with it all at once?

Shame on you the loss of the potential of having already invested that full amount for lucrative returns both in the short and long term. If you have any ISK laying around in waiting that is just a sign you don’t know what your doing.

ISK laying in a wallet is not the same as ISK invested. Your holding it for the eventuality that you will find some way to invest such a large amount if it is not a scam then you must have horrible returns not putting your ISK to work for your investors.

I’d offer to take that 600b from you all and quickly put it to work but the point is I know what to do with the ISK what these investors could not do themselves so there is no point in taking other players ISK to invest it when I have the ability and knowledge to produce results with it unless the whole point was it is a scam and I am going to steal all the money when there is enough of it.

Such as all former investment banking scams in eve…if your not putting that ISK to work then it is just waiting to be stolen eventually. Can’t steal the ISK after it is already been spent on investments.

If you want my consultation services I will require 100 billion ISK before we even begin proceeding to serious discussions about how I can turn a useless pile of ISK you obviously don’t know what your doing with into ongoing profits.

Real investing.

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ill offer investment advice in game free, i love this ■■■■. evemail me and i can give a rough idea of what I think is going on.

I’d like to withdraw my 5 bil investment. Thank you very much!

Take this guys advice, any free advice is worth it even if it’s bad advice maybe it will give you some ideas to think of something better.

Personally, I was just joking about the 100bil for services. I honestly wouldn’t accept any amount of ISK to share my ideas because they are worth more to myself than anyone could or would ever pay me for them just to find out.

ISK can be gained, spent and lost it is just a cycle but good ideas are priceless and should always be kept to one’s self. If your going to share any information even in the least only do so because that is what you want other to think or know.

Although, even good advice or ideas shared can be mutually beneficial, even among competitors. Just don’t be disappointed with the results of using other players information. Understand the risks and what your getting yourself into or you may just turn a good idea into a mess if you don’t understand the short and long of it.

Marketing/Investing 101

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my ideas are simple but require hard work, serve the customers at reasonable prices, and maintain sustainable operations.
watch out for burn out, remember its a marathon, not a sprint.
get people what they want and need where they want and need it…
buy low sell high, dont overinvest in one thing, limit the size of an investment to 1% or less of your cap…
i could go on but you get the point, those are ideas,
specific practical investments are just as easy, station trading is boring, i get out and explore nullsec for investment ideas all the time instead.
practical investment advice example, buy frigate x for 120k isk or less, relist for 260k…yawn.
or setup fake buy orders with margin trading to manipulate your market while taking a huge risk if u set yor minimum buy size wrong or if someone fills ur over priced crap, yawn,
*sidenote ccp has mentioned talking about eliminating said margin trading skill so i hope you have a better method lined up…
people always need ■■■■ and are too lazy to make it, transport it, or sell it themselves, chaos era will amplify those needs.
the market place is a battlefield, and changes like the weather, time to put on a jacket, storm is coming in.

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Also remember, it is easier to show someone something and then make them think of the idea themselves than try to convince them by telling them yourself.

That way it doesn’t look like you tried to influence them to make those decisions to your benefit when they think they thought of it all on their own from observing.

Market Inception 101


Everything is a lie, even if they have some truth to them. Only some lies actually serve some truths. Knowing which is and isn’t is the real key.

Also, I don’t use fake buy orders I just got lots more time and ISK to spare than the competition. Sometimes need can surpass greed and you also have to know when to buy and when to sell are not always at the same time.

This much costs you nothing to know.

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blah blah blah

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Thank you ICY for the update. Given the changes, I too would like to withdraw my ISK.

Yo bub. I guess ill pull my 50b out.


I would also like to withdraw my ISK please.

No problem Nero, just send me a message with how many shares you are sending me, and then send the shares. Send them to CistaCista or Cista2, just make sure to tell me what you are doing.