⭐ IChooseYou Investment Bank

I can I be a pat of this crop.

Funny how every time someone comes onto the forums for the first time ever or in a long while their first thing to do is come make an investment/withdrawal in this topic.

This is a super popular topic. I don’t know how it always comes to their attention first before viewing or posting in any others especially when most of them have only just come to the forums for their first time or haven’t been onto the forums in many, many months.

You can tell it is a trustworthy bank most players decide to invest right away the first time they view this topic. Others only come onto the forums just to submit their withdrawal publicly so everyone knows it is very trustworthy bank.

They must have amazing public relations and community representatives.


Another investment bank. Lest see since 2007 I have seen what 10 or 12 of these? I’m sure you all will make a fortune until this guy goes Bernie Madoff on yall. Good luck!

I remember when I thought 614b seemed like a real lot of ISK but I doubt they even have that much left it seems lots are making withdrawals to show just how trustworthy this bank is they give your money back right away as long as you log onto the forums and make a public request.

Need to do a full withdrawal of 18 Billion.

Just used his 3rd party service for a 400bil deal. Thanks.

All refunds processed.

Happy to have been helpful.

18 Billion returned confirm. Thanks for everything.

I’ve used this service recently too. All good! Recommend.

Refund confirmed. Thank you <3

Still need refund