Idea for visual capital wreck degrading

hey all

so i had a idea about what could happen to a capital class wreck over a small amount of time, say 10-30 mins … this is purely VISUAL, nothing gameplay changing.

imagine your capital is shot down, someone salvages it, it all goes away … well, thats boring …

my idea for a VISUAL is that instead of the wreck vanishing, over the course of say half hour, small groups of drones or other npc groups would drop in, snatch a piece and warp off with it …

the wreck would be salvaged, but still VISUALLY there, being picked over untill gone by small npc drone gangs …

my idea, what do you think ?

it would tie into the lore of rouge drones gathering resources from wrecks n stuff so there’s that too …

comments welcome

Awacs Sgt

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Would the wreck still influence cloaked ships around it? Interesting visual thing.

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in theory no, cause it wouldnt be a interaktionable (?) wreck anymore after ordinary salvaging, unless they left a can behind, which then would obviously be a item that could decloak someone.

one thought could also be that a random spawn could show up and if one defeats them, they could drop a rare loot from somewhere else maybe … just a thought, like a bonus thing, 5% chance of happening n such.

I like the ideea for capital wrecks, maybe even stations. It would increase immersion

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