Idea regarding developing plots and stories

this is mainly in relation to some of the things which have happened in game recently such as ship casters and the current jove gates.

in the scope videos it would be good to see references to where the technology has come from or more importantly understanding how old this technology is.

for example the ship casters came from edencomm developments if memory serves, so this has been in response mainly to the riglavians and things like that, so this is all new and recently developed technology, its not like the plans were sitting on a shelf for the last 2 decades.

the jove gates for example is another one, currently we can’t jump into Zarzakh, however surely the discovery of these new gates, someone would try something like carbon dating to determine how old they are, the age of the gates could indicate if these are authentic jovian gates or if they’re simply new construction, which could lead the lore players to speculate on if these gates are authentic jove construction OR if they’re just designed with the jovian asthetic.

there is a huge back history of the game and knowing about the game’s history is a vaslty complex and skillfully interwoven story, before the game even launched and along with 20 years of game play and new factions emerging, understanding how old something is could be critical to the player base understanding the significance of whats going on.

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