Ideas for attracting new players and returning old ones

in other MMOs there is at least a balance, but here it’s as if some killers of new players gathered, catch newcomers and kill and nothing more, and when you pay what to do, “now I will take revenge on everyone” because he was humiliated earlier and became the same the killer of the novices, but after all, paid the money let’s work it out
but I want to just fly to scan and why I can’t even cloak /D initial ?? that she is so good - no
or secure lowsecs, kick out bad players, and NPC leave, let them fly Black/Hole times they’re cool
or is there a reward in the game for the head, well, bring it to mind, if the player just does what it kills, let the bot fly after it stronger and catch it, since you like to kill others as a friend, then you need to extinguish it complete
in normal space, either get good or go to B/H and frolic and live there with the same outcasts,
quite logical
it must be shown that being bad is not good and striving to be good, the bad ones sit at home and occasionally let them in to people, and the good at home, a clear distinction
I think this is the main problem of the game and why people leave


Can you really be good in a universe where being bad isn’t possible?

We already have a server for this, it’s called Singularity.

I think that you might have a point somewhere there, But you wrote that all in one sentense, its just a really hard to get your meaning from that. Could you maybe edit it a bit so that people could understand what you are about, please?

I’m not a native speaker and dont want to be rude, but I just cant make heads or tails out of this

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