If bigger ships should have nerfed application to smaller ships

You have reading comprehension issues. I didn’t say smaller ships get reduced application [against bigger ships]. I said smaller ships SHOULD get reduced application against bigger ships, because bigger ships get reduced application against smaller ships, and under the doctrine of ‘bigger shouldn’t be better,’ I also say ‘smaller shouldn’t be better.’


Bigger ships don’t get reduced application against smaller ships though.
Bigger ships get reduced application against any ship they can’t track, which can include larger ships going at high speed for whatever reason.
There is no magical ‘It’s a frigate so big ships do less damage’. Bigger ships can fit whatever size guns they want to fit.

So there is no reason smaller ships should suffer from a magical ‘it’s a big ship so not only does it have 100* the EHP you do, you also do 1/10th your normal damage as well’

You are leaving a lot out of the equation, for instance signature size, signature resolution, speed, etc. All of these work against bigger ships, and for smaller ships. Smaller ships have smaller signature size, better signature resolution, higher speed. Smaller weapons inherently track better than bigger weapons, etc. etc. etc.

But big weapons still do full damage when they do hit. The question is ‘if’ they hit.
So yeah…
Going to say no to your whole idea.

Small weapons do full damage when they hit too, if they hit.

So… Small weapons which do less base damage do full damage if they hit.
Large weapons which do more base damage do full damage if they hit…
Not seeing where any unfairness exists in the system yet.

Do note, I’d love to see size locked weapon racks, with secondary slots for smaller weapons on large ships & even worse application for oversized weapons than at current. And possibly simplifying weapons to fitting a ‘T2 150mm Rail rack’ then dragging your slider to say how many slots are fitted with guns and how many are left for utility. I think that sort of set up would make life far far easier for new players and avoid what we term ‘fail fits’ of mixed weapons, while not significantly affecting nearly all veteran fits. And the secondary weapon systems would allow big ships to fight smaller ships with matching size weapons, so your cruiser might get 2 small turrets for an example.

So I’m not against changes, I just believe your idea would be very bad for game balance.

What are you trying to achieve with this if I may ask?

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Fairness and consistency.

That means nothing on it’s own. In what sense?

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Rephrase your question, be more specific, yadda yadda.

It seems already pretty balanced to me. If you want to be able to hit small ships with your big one there are modules for that. You want it built into the hull or what?

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Methinks you are missing the point.

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Yeah it can’t be that you just think “bigger should be better” right?

Wait. Did CCP remove signature radius from turrets?

Another thing is missiles: their ‘explosion radius’ is what makes them do smaller damage to smaller targets. (unless it was removed too?)

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Not any more than others think “smaller should be better.”

Actually, I just want fairness. If people pound their fists on the table and shout to the heavens “by God, bigger shouldn’t be better!” then smaller shouldn’t be better either, right? So let’s not make smaller better. And let’s not make bigger worse.

smaller isn’t better. There are various things different sized ships vary at and damage application is only one of them. Actually it has nothing to do with the ship but the guns.

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Entosis caps to knock them out piece by piece. A titan is a series of sub components assembled together. Why not?

Perhaps you should give examples of situations where you think the smaller ship is unfairly balanced compared with the larger ship and we’ll see if we can give advice on what you should do in a particular situation.
Large ships can field some very nasty anti-frigate /anti-destroyer weapons.

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Indeed, for example RLML/RHML Rattlesnake or Scorpion can be nasty for smaller ships; the Scorpion isn’t bonused for missiles IIRC, but still effective in the right hands.

This is stupid.

Smaller ships deal less damage. Where is the 1k dps frigate? Can’t find one? I can fit a battleship that deals 1k damage, easily, with t2 mods only. This is the balance.

Smaller ships can hit larger ships with full damage, but don’t do as much damage. Larger ships deal more damage but can’t hit smaller targets as easily. Both deal moderate damage to their own ship size category.

Other than that, consider a battleship designed to kill frigates, and a frigate designed to kill battleships. Let’s say you don’t know if they’re going to be turret or missile based. Who has the advantage? Battleships. They have more slots for things, more modules that are useful hands down against frigs than vice versa, more tank, more cap. What can a frig fit that would be good against battleships? Speed? Rolling the dice with a tracking disruptor or missile disruptor and hoping your opponent doesn’t have the other weapon type?

Neither is really above the other. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

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