If Uedama Gets Invaded :psyccp:

Knowing that Uedama is a major trade route and gank system, what are the plans of the Anti-Triglavian’s? Will you allow the system to be flipped to Low in order to exact justice on the Gankers or will you attempt to save the system?

Will the gankers become Anti-Triglavian Aspirants to save their fishing hole from going Red which will force their operations to have to adjust to a new route and style of and ganking as the whales also change their course?


Uedama won’t flip. Niarja though…

Why is flipping the system exacting justice to gankers?


:red_circle: Uedama can flip for all I care. Dodi and Rens can die.

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I wouldn’t be so certain about Uedama not being flipped

Flipping Uedama against the gankers will throw their whole operation in the region to the four corners. They won’t be able to launch their gank fleets and use their perches as they will have to restart their operations all over again, which will be good content for them.

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It’s red giant. None of them were invaded as far AFAIK


I thought the invasions were all random, aren’t they?

The are random within parameters set by CCP, soooo…
And also - the sun in Uedama does not align with current prediction models on what will flip. Not by one parameter, as far s I know

The random systems that are not Blue Suns could play into the Trig’s diversion tactics. Although Uedama is not a Blue Sun, it is very important to the network of shipping between all empires and Jita though. Thus making it very valuable if the Trigs want to slow down the Capsuleer’s ability to respond to invasions elsewhere.

You still haven’t explained how flipping would hurt/crush the nasty gankers.


why not flip perimeter then? Although i think nullblocs will repel that attempt…

I’m still waiting for this answer, it will be good for a laugh!


I was right!!


What we really need is a big game changer event in Jita

Supernova. Everything destroyed.


Uedama is a .5. If it get’s flipped, it could very well go deep into Red, unlike Perimeter.

The gankers won’t have targets as they will have to re-route their travel paths. The gankers will also have to re-build all of their perches and Concord pulls as well.

If Uedama goes Red, Sivala effectively becomes cut off.

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Which is fine for haulers. They just have to pay attention. Which they should be doing anyway.

Bad for CODE, though. Low sec scares them. There are people there that might shoot at them.

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Really? Do you believe this yourself?

Well in that case you’d be ok with creating large bands of low sec between all four faction hs space then. Or perhaps just remove high sec as a whole and make it all low sec.

Yes? No?

Your concern for New Eden haulers is noted.

the profit is in the collateral anyway