If you lost all your assets and had to start over how would you go about it?

Just come back to the game after a 3 year break and found out I’d been wiped out by the Upwell Structures Abandoned State change introduced last year. Lost my entire fleet across 3 chars, modules bpo’s etc (guessing 15+bil isk loss in current prices) so thinking of how I’ll go about getting back on my feet again.
I’ve got a few ideas but was wondering what the hive mind could come up with too as I’m curious to hear what others would do in my situation.

My starting point is 3 chars (106m/81m/64m sp) covering combat, exploration, industry and mining. Cash wise I’m pretty broke with only 200m isk, 3 T2 haulers (I was off delivering stuff when I got bored and quit haha), 1 carrier and a handful of assault frigates lol. Just me active in corp and none of my friends are playing anymore.
I started Eve in beta, played hardcore for about 5 years in 0.0 before getting bored with alliance politics and set up with some friends in low sec before we all went to play other games. Came back when WH space was introduced, lived in one for a bit building T3’s then we took another break. Hardly played in the last 8 years, only popping back now and then just messing about about in high sec doing missions as I’ve largely gone off PvP. Getting chilled in my old age so probably going to play pretty casually haha.

I’m selling the carrier to get some seed cash and using the AF’s to check out the Abyssal stuff while I work out what longer term plan I can come up with. I’m totally out of the loop with regards to industry/pve, just looks like everything has got WAY more expensive, so might take me a while to get used to the new normal.
If you lost all your assets & friends but had all your skills what would you do with your clean slate?


Liquidate the SP in alt characters and just stick to a single main, then do whatever with the ISK.


I’ve already had that happen to me. After spending three days rocking in the corner of my darkened room, I called my doctor for a Xanax prescription and moved into my moms basement for six …

Oh… You mean in game.

Uh… not sure what I’d do.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Kind of in a similar boat. I did what @Scoots_Choco said to do basically. I sort of rounded up all my other alts assets and drained their wallets onto this character. I figured I would stick to what I know and enjoy doing and the ISK always seemed to come my way… at least it used to. I’m like always broke :laughing:

I’m into wormholing too. Just started a new corporation for myself and anchoring a Citadel in a C2 now.

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Funny you should say that. I’ve been rocking in my chair for 3 days. High blood pressure and heart palpitations over the realisation I lost everything I’d earned over years. I’ve now moved on to acceptance and trying to find a way forward :smiley:

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hehe yeah I was always broke too, just did what was fun didnt care about the isk much. I think it’s the best way to play.
Rich in assets poor in wallet. Wasn’t a problem before until I lost all the assets :smiley:

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I’m also not as good at PVP as I remember being. Ah well it’s fun to generate content haha

Yeah I expect I’d have trouble clicking anything these days due to pvp panic. It’s been so long since I was in a fight. My survival time would be mere seconds before I’d do something stupid

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Dunno if you were around when they introduced the Proving Grounds, but it sure helped me get back into the swing of things, and dealing with PVP shakes and stuff. There is no other game like this. Also a great way to drain me of all my ISK!

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No, though I did pick up some proving ground filaments today and wondered what they were. Haven’t really looked into it but it sounds like a good idea, I should give it a go, thanks

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If you had been doing PI before leaving check there, every little bit helps, and research agents.

this sounds like good advice to me

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I’d forgotten about research agents, will have to see what I’ve got stocked up there! Probably loads I forgot about years ago hah. PI never grabbed me so I took down my bases during a previous return. Might look into it but not sure what it’s payout is like these days, will have to research it a bit

Pretty much happened to me, except half of my stuff is in asset safety, the other half got destroyed in abandoned structures.

The main thing is not to dwell on what you had. Only liquidate what you have left if you need the ISK, otherwise keep everything you have.

Do things that require a low investment and give you good rewards to build your net worth back up.

It might also be a good opportunity to try something different in the game, as you are ‘freed of your burdens’ in a sense.


Like Ive done twice now from scratch;

Ninja loot like its going out of fashion


Yeah good advice and pretty much my plan so far, selling the carrier as I’m not likely to use it and starting off small and careful.

I try not to think about what I lost though I keep catching myself with ‘I’ll just grab my x and go do y, oh that’s right that ships gone’ lol

I do feel kind of liberated, it was a bit of a pain relocating dozens of ships and the other crap I’d accumulated when I felt like living somewhere new. At least now I just have 3 ships and can go anywhere. Haven’t decided where to set up yet though. It’s also good to have goals, it was sometimes hard to motivation when I had everything I wanted already.

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Hey dude, I do not recommend extracting. In fact, I disagree so much with this advice, that I decided to make a thread warning returning players against it.

If I had 3 omega toons on 3 accounts, I would definitely go for triple boxing frigs in the abyss. I know one of your toons is industry, but it shouldn’t take him too long to get trained up if you focus his training. And you can use that time to practice in lower tier filaments and build up some isk for the ships/fits/implants that you’ll use in the higher tier filaments.

You can find tutorial videos, such as this one below. Just be aware that youtubers have a tendency to exaggerate incomes in order to get more clicks.

Unfortunately, I’m willing to bet all three of those toons are on the same account. So, you’ll probably have to explore other options.

  • Incursions - You’ll need about 400 mil for a starter incursion ship, but they’re decent money (125 mil/hr and up, depending on the community). They’re also a social activity, and have different roles available, which makes them far less grindy than other forms of PvE.
  • Solo Abyss - You’ll make less money running one account, but you can still make good money at the higher tiers. Moreover, the tiered system of the content will allow you to work yourself up (you don’t need to raise money for a starter BS, or whatever).
  • Combat Exploration - Loot can be hit or miss, but I know for a fact that Ded 3/10’s can be run in an alpha account on a kiting Tristan. So, they’re extremely accessible, and you can sometimes make damn good money. Run hideways in order to get their escalations, or use an exploration frig to scan down 3/10’s. You might also be able to run 4/10’s, but I haven’t tried it. Check out Dad Dex’s channel for more info on exploration.
  • Mission Blitzing - Thanks to the Nergal, it’s now easier than ever to get into mission blitzing. Unfortunately, even though the isk and skill requirements have been reduced, that doesn’t mean that they are trivial. So, you’ll need to do some training and grinding before you get into it. Check out Hateless Gaming’s youtube channel for more info on mission blitzing.
  • FW Farming - I think you can still make good money farming in FW space, but I don’t know much about it. Moreover, the FW players hate all the farmers. Check out Olmeca Gold’s channel for more information.

Oh, and do note that the Surgical Strike update (15 April 2020) nerfed resists (and boosted short range ammo damage), so many old fits may no longer be viable. So, either look for post surgical strike fits, or adapt old fits (testing them out on the test server first isn’t a terrible idea).

Alright, that’s enough for now.


Man. You make me feel a bit better about losing 8bil of compressed ore that I drunkenly loaded into a Miasmos. In my stupor I thought it would be funny and exciting to load all my compressed ores into Miasmos and do a “move op adventure” to Amarr. Luckily, everything else (32bil in assets) made it safety to station, but when I woke up and realized what I’d done, ouch.

What would I do?

Keep doing what you find FUN and meaningful. If mining and industry is your gig just get back to doing that. Don’t let the loss stop you. EVE isn’t about the ISK, it’s about the experience (and loss is an experience, too!). Make some friends too man, join a corp. Get out there and get in the game.

Whoa. Even if he was exaggerating by a factor of 4, that’s still about 200mil/hr. For a couple of frigates? Jesus this game is broken.

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