Returning Players Should Not Extract SP

I sometimes see people advise returning players to sell off SP to make money (such here and here). This might be a good option for some players, but generally speaking, I think this is terrible advice. And I strongly recommend that returning players explore other options.

  • It’s not a sustainable income source (yes, I’m aware that some people SP farm to pay for omega subs on toons that no longer need any additional training. that’s a different situation).
  • Extractor costs will eat up approximately 40% of your revenue.
  • Injectors are not a 0 sum game. If you try to reinject any skills, you will suffer an injector penalty of 20-70%.
  • Eve is under constant development, which makes it extremely likely that returning players will suffer extraction remorse because they made decisions based on outdated information (are you aware of all the ship buffs and nerfs, new content, and major content changes like the DBS?).
  • Eve is under constant development, which means that today’s garbage can become tomorrow’s hotness (for example, Marauders just became so powerful that people are already speculating that they will be nerfed).
  • Returning players don’t always know exactly what they want to do. In fact, they may be looking to get into something new this time around.

Additionally, I personally like having a bunch of SP because:

  • I can always pick the best tool for the job (instead of just throwing Gila’s at everything).
  • I can easily pivot to new activities if I’m getting burnt out on something.
  • I can easily help out with things as needed (for example, I no longer mine or do industry as a career, but I’ll still sometimes participate in corp mining ops or build stuff when needed)

Now, if you know exactly what you want to do and what you need to do it, then extraction can help you raise some cash. However, there are many ways to make good money in Eve (even during resource scarcity). So for everyone else, I recommend pursuing a sustainable income source. Who knows, you might even have some fun and grow as a player.

P.S. I haven’t seen injector prices this low since they first came out. Of course, extractor prices are also cheaper right now, but you’ll be getting less isk per SP regardless. It’s possible that prices might recover after resource scarcity ends. So perhaps an option is to buy your extractors now, and sell unneeded SP after prices recover and you’ve been playing long enough to make an informed decision.


i dont recommend a returning player to sell SP
he lost everything except for some chars full of SP
in his case having a main and a purse full of isk is more beneficial
he still will have one char with SP and could buy a marauder or a blinged abyss ship etc etc etc… to make a come back
and btw
i have only one char, and i don’t have ■■■■ in my wallet
just a history to tell
he will be in better situation than me
extreme measures …
and why a new topic? :smiley:

In order to increase the chances that it will be seen by future returning players.

Yeah, he could, but he could also make that money really quick without selling off that SP. For example, if I had lost everything, but still possessed all my current knowledge, I would:

  • Immediately start by training up two alpha alts for frigate abyss (I would save the 1mil SP recruitment bonus for omega skills).
  • Run career agent missions so I could afford a kiting tristan.
  • Use the tristan to run ded 3/10’s (loot is often in the 50 mil isk range, but I’ve pulled out as much as 300mil out of a single site).
  • This step probably isn’t the most optimal choice, but social interaction makes PvE far more enjoyable for me. Thus, I would do incursions, where I could get a guaranteed 125-200mil isk/hour (depending on community).
  • I would use the money from incursions to buy my 2 months worth of plex (one for each alt), my frigates for the Abyss, and some skill injectors. That way, as soon as I took the alts toons omega, I could immediately inject the necessary Omega only skills.
  • I would then triple box frigates in the abyss.
  • Finally, I would use a significant portion of the money I raised as capital for speculation.

Oh, and I would probably try to take advantage of any profitable live events that might occur.

And there’s probably even faster ways to make bank. For example, I’m by no means an expert on exploration, and I’ve never done anything in WH’s or LS. Thus, my steps have been limited by my personal knowledge and experience.

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ill admit that i don’t value SP or many chars that much
i think you know better than me

They way its set up now its “The gold standard”. One month skills = 1 month playtime. Been that way since they introduced it.

They (CCP) have been using this to manipulate PLEX price lately, seems like it part of redistribution efforts. When they change skills to be grindable the market is going to naturally crash. They must have something up their sleeve for that?

Extractors are this cheap because PLEX is this cheap. People wanted cheap PLEX, this is what you get for it.

You say it like it’s a bad thing…

Okay, now I’m curious. Why do you think cheap plex a bad thing?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thin, I’m just saying that this is the reason why extractors are so cheap. For Plexing an account with skill extraction, it’s actually pretty good. With current prices, you can even turn a small profit.

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Please don’t comment link me ever again. Thanks.

PLEX should cost 500M ISK for a month of omega, like when everyone subbed their account or bought PLEX on market from others and used it to pay for gametime.

Because I cant shift my stockpile mostly

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