If you want to be a good guy then join GIMP

Today is a glorius day in eve online. Because today G.I.M.P. is born.

Who or what is GIMP?

The Gallente Interstellar Military Police.

We are the shining light in the darkness of eve online. Code is not the law in Highsec. We are the law.
Come on do you want your ship to live forever? Or do you want to fight for the greater good?

Our goal is to be the police force in eve online. Wherever there is unjustice we will be there and stop it. Wherever there is someone going to get ganked we will protect them. Also we fight for the glory of the gallente federation. So we fight in Faction Warfare for the gallente.

If you also feel the need to do something good in eve online then join us and we will bring light into the darkness together.

Important information: We fly only ships which can use a police skin. That is our uniform. But if you join up you have to earn your uniform. More infos if you enlist.

To all the bad guys like gankers, griefers, pirates and so on. Expect us and pray that nobody gets out the GIMP.

So, what are you actually going to do? Not like you can stop gankers, griefers, priates…

But we will stop them. The only reason why evil guys succeed is because good guys do nothing. Lets get together and do good stuff.

I thought about protecting innocent highsec miners in belts or at moons. Maybe we can get a herd of miners together so it is even harder for the gankers. Then i thought about the bumbing of freighters at the uedama gates and the adjecent systems. Maybe we can stop the massive catalyst fleets of code when they warp in on an defensless freighter. But i heard that bumbing got nerfed so maybe the freighters don’t need our help anymore. I don’t know. Let’s find out together. Or we can patrol the tradehups and punish the gankers with their battleships which shoot down industials at the stations.

We also fly in faction warfare for the gallente and punish any evil doers in lowsec.

That’s noble and all, but do you want to have 10 pilots sitting on all the hotspots 24/7? If not you won’t get there in time.
Putting all miners in one palce just makes it easier for the gankers :smiley:
Giving content to lowsec pirates, how could that possibly work out?

I’m looking for a goal with special goals, but I don’t that you have thought this through one bit. Still wish you the best of luck.

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