[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

TO: all concerned parties

RE: Semiki Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility and Confidential Appeal to the Inner Circle

As Zainou’s designated Situation Officer for the Semiki Zainou Biohazard Containment Incident YC121-01-17, it is my duty to give an update on legal proceedings flowing from certain events subsequent to the start of the said incident (“Semiki Incident”).

On receipt of notice of an order contrary to our corporate interests made by a DED officer, specifically the Case Red Gamma Taskforce’s SARO Command Liaison, Captain Oveg Drust, the Zainou corporation immediately made representations at the highest levels of Caldari State corporate governance, co-operation and law. To that end, Zainou CEO Raurvoras Umokka met with Ishukone CEO Mens Reppola and CEP Chair Puok Kossinen to discuss remedies under the Yulai Accords and Convention.

At the request of CEO Reppola, CEP Chair Kossinen convened a special meeting of the CEP to consider the implications of the DED’s application of the Yulai Accords, Convention and Inner Circle directives. The CEP was unanimous in its view that the corporate, national and state interests of the Caldari people and corporations had been infringed by an arbitrary action by the DED’s SARO division.

As current rotating State Delegate to the Inner Circle, and with associated parties representing specific corporate and general national and state interests, CEO Reppola convened an emergency in camera meeting of the Inner Circle to lay an appeal under the national and state party provisions of the Yulai Accords.

The CONCORD Inner Circle has recognized the superseding power of a state party to make appeal of any directive made under Inner Circle authority and has referred the matter to the Yulai Accords and Convention Arbitration Committee of the CONCORD Assembly.

In light of this, Zainou and associated parties sought an immediate stay of the order made by Captain Oveg Drust and this was granted by the Chair of the Yulai Accords and Convention Arbitration Committee.

As such, all materials within the ambit of the original order are under injunction pending a final decision on the appeal by the Assembly. The DED and SARO are under binding legal instruction not to redeem or move any materials such as may be contracted or placed under their control as a result of their previous general order to the capsuleer parties seeking to aid the work of Zainou and Ishukone Watch.

Formally and with courtesy,

Laati Okinori
Executive Operations Officer, Zainou

On behalf of the associated parties to the Confidential Appeal to the Inner Circle:

Mens Reppola
CEO, Ishukone Corporation
State Delegate to the Inner Circle (Ishukone rotation)

Puok Kossinen
CEO and Chair, Chief Executive Panel

Eborimi Shiskala
CEO, Ishukone Watch

Sekadama Roikikasvio
CEO, Wiyrkomi Peace Corps

Raurvoras Umokka
CEO, Zainou

Odo Hakaalen
CEP, Corporate Relations Director

Kauntora Itkaku
Ishukone Watch, Chief Investigating Officer

Joined at Confidential Appeal by:

Etaurtetel Ruyt
CEO, Aliastra Corporation

Enoksur Steidentet
CEO, Core Complexion Inc.



You have my deepest thanks for your intervention. Our pending release and transfer is being held, pending coordination group discussion.

More information will follow very shortly.


As a lawfully constituted unit under CONCORD authority, the Case Red Gamma Taskforce will naturally comply with the relevant orders made by the Inner Circle and CONCORD Assembly.

Pending the final determination by the Yulai Accords and Convention Arbitration Committee, the taskforce will be taking no further action on the matter of the disputed materials.

On the other hand, it is my grave, indeed sad duty to report the deaths of three members of a SARO Black Troop Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit tonight. These brave and loyal men and women died while attempting to defuse and remove one of 30 improvised explosive devices that had been placed in various locations aboard the Mastakomon XI - Moon 2 - DED Assembly Plant.

The blast site, which was confined to a non-critical and fully evacuated area of the station, is under forensic examination, as are the remaining 29 devices and their various payloads. Given the nature of these payloads, their placement in relatively low-security, non-critical yet busy areas of the station, and the sheer number of devices, it is apparent that the intent was to inflict mass casualties.

An investigation into the criminal and terrorist conspiracy to carry out mass murder on a DED facility is ongoing under the auspices of SARO Black Troop command. Early indications suggest the involvement of several criminal and terrorist organizations.

Captain Oveg Drust
SARO Command Liaison,
Case Red Gamma Taskforce


Well, I had nothing to do with that.

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Terrible news from Mastakomon.

Indeed, the three brave soldiers gave the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of local people. It is our hope that the perpetrators will be found and brought to justice so that no one shall suffer at their hands any more.

Please accept our sincerest condolences from all the staff at ARC.


Note; the following release was prepared before the intervention by State authorities on behalf of the Watch, Zainou, and Aliastra in the Semiki crisis, and had been intended for release prior to the SARO deadline. The text has not been edited, and the response is published here after internal consultations to indicate what had been our intent prior to unexpected events. Clearly, with the stay order, our actions will depend on legal developments. We look forward to filing an amicus brief. We also must denounce the short-sighted, foolish, and frankly terrorist attack against the CONCORD installation in Mastakomon.


Apologies, but this might be a long one, as we have a lot of ground to cover. We will cover, in series, Drust’s demand; ARC counsel’s letter to the Inner Circle; a preliminary report on the malware in Semiki; targets for continued action; and IKAME’s steps moving forward. Finally, I’ll conclude on a personal note

In the first place, let me make this clear. IKAME will comply with Drust’s demand. Materials have been transported to Mastakomon for transfer. We believe his demands are short-sighted, capricious, cruel, and a significant and arbitrary use of authority that is without basis in fact. To elaborate: Drust’s demand likely increases the threat profile, as now the very capsuleers that do deserve his vitriol have been emboldened to build comparable stockpiles of Triglavian trinary samples, whereas before the objects were curiosities that few had any interest in stockpiling. At the same time, many of these samples have in fact been in IKAME research facilities for quite some time, which implies that either the threat profile has changed without Drust or SARO disclosing it to the very people they claim to be protecting, or else that their fear has stripped them of rationality. What’s more, by failing to clarify safe thresholds or make provisions for the crisis in Semiki, it is entirely possible that Drust’s demand will negatively impact containment efforts, and may very well result in the death of Zainou and Aliastra personnel.

At the same time, ARC’s work is too important to throw away in a fit of pique. Capsuleers, as we all know, are at best a prideful and independent-minded lot. The pilots who’ve responded to Drust’s demand with an interest in watching the cluster burn are clearly a demonstration of this. But despite this, and despite accusations by do-nothings, ARC seeks to serve the common good. It is on this basis that IKAME seeks productive multilateral action. It is for this reason that we, whenever possible, disclose our actions, solicit engagement, and focus our efforts on matters of shared interest.

In the second place, ARC counsel Declan Kentonna has submitted a letter to the Inner Circle requesting the unsealing of the directives and codicils governing Drust’s authority. While sealed evidence and sealed proceedings are clearly with precedent in matters where national interest requires it, secret law is an infinitely rarer thing. Indeed, verification of authority and warrant is a vital part of due process, to the point that quo warranto is a standard writ, alongside habeas corpus. At present, Drust is essentially demanding that we take his authority on faith, while we have no means of verifying whether or not he is abusing his commission, and indeed are told we have no recourse. If, indeed, the crisis is so dire that due process is being suspended, one would assume that CONCORD and the Inner Circle specifically would have declared it so, or that we would at least have seen sign of mobilization to combat the crisis. If necessary, we will begin making such filings as are necessary to seek remedy on this matter, and will do what we can to ensure CONCORD’s accountability to the peoples and nations that it is mandated to protect.

In the third case, IKAME has , in conjunction with our partners, compiled a white paper discussing the malware both from a technical standpoint, and from a medical standpoint. This represents a digestible form of the combined work to this point, and includes several working theories on matters. It is important to note that at this time the investigation itself remains subject to operational security concerns, and that this white paper is not the full technical brief.

In the fourth case, it is our belief at present that Lai Dai should come forward to assist the investigation by providing such information as it is able about the whereabouts and activities of Steine Vailakkel prior to his involvement in the attack in Semiki. While we believe that Lai Dai was not directly involved, any information they are able to provide may be essential in determining how Vailakkel and any possible co-conspirators aboard the Zainou station were able to undertake the attack, and why they targeted a rogue drone disassembly facility. Other important investigation targets have been forwarded to appropriate authorities, and are subject to operational security concerns.

In the fifth case, IKAME has compiled a second, smaller stockpile of Triglavian trinary samples. For obvious reasons, we are not currently disclosing the size of this stockpile. To ensure that this is not seen as a flippant response to Drust’s demand, this stockpile has already been relocated to the Mastakomon facility, but has not yet been transferred. It is IKAME’s belief that this stockpile is an essential part of the Watch’s and Zainou’s effort to combat the malware, and that the stockpile is below the threshold that Drust considers a threat. Pending additional information, instructions from Watch and State authorities, and other matters, we will retain control of this stockpile for the time being.

Lastly, a personal note. Pilots, I know many of you fear the Vigilant Tyrannos. This is understandable! They have demonstrated technology and combat capability out of scale with their numbers and their apparent industrial base. At the same time, many of you who fear them have never fought them. From our first foray into the Hive systems, to the defense of the Throne Worlds, to the fleet actions against the Drifter fleets last winter, and our combat patrols in Drifter-held wormhole systems in the intervening period, Consortium forces and partners have engaged the Drifters consistently and successfully for years. You are right to be fearful! But you should not let your fear govern you. The Drifters are not unbeatable.

The only way New Eden will survive emergent threats is to rise to the threat, whatever method we use to do so. To surrender to your fear is not the answer.

That concludes my prepared remarks.

If any of you have questions, do please feel free to ask. We’ll endeavor to answer such questions as we are able.


A truly tragic loss that CONCORD nevertheless brought upon itself by constantly interfering in galactic affairs, never with the best interests of the people in mind.

Until it stops acting as a tyrant and starts acting as a genuine protector, I fear these incidents wont stop.


CONCORD does protect the cluster from tyrants like you. I’ve been around long enough to see how ruthless capsuleers can be, and we all deserve a leash.


Well I’ll be, this took an interesting turn.

Well, this is certainly an interesting twist, and frankly one that I’m very happy to see.[1]. At the same, time, though, I’m struck by CONCORD’s willingness to delay in this matter, and the Inner Circle’s decision to refer this matter to committee.

Committees, as I’m sure we’re all aware, are not fast. They are not bold and decisive. Committees are a bunch of people who like to talk arguing about the whys and wherefores of issues until nobody remembers what the hell the original point was. Really, they’re not at all unlike this board. They are why executive positions exist: to cut through the crap and get things done.

Which makes me question just how ‘serious’ the ‘risk of an Emergent Threat’ really is. 5 days. Then referred to committee. But way too serious to tell us anything like ‘how many of these things are safe to store’ or ‘what safeguards can we take in the meantime’.

I’m not in favor of letting the cluster burn, as it were, but I do take issue with ‘authorities’ seizing private property just because they can, and hiding behind a mantle of morality and security. And I still question why, if these things are so dangerous that we can’t even be given basic information for the safe handling of them, we’re allowed to have them at all.

If you’re going to tell us they’re dangerous, tell us how to safeguard the ones we have. If you want us to not have them, you’re the guys who make that legal. Just be prepared for some pushback.

  1. The CEP yanking CONCORD’s leash, I mean, not the bombing. That was just some fool lashing out in a tragic fit of pique. I take issue with CONCORD leadership’s stance and methods of wielding control over the cluster, yes. However, I have no issue whatsoever with the men and women who do the actual work of keeping people safe. This is especially true of those who see to the security and protection of life in fragile environments like space stations.

Captain @Oveg_Drust

IKAME is saddened by this loss of life and condemn the the cowardly terrorist attack at Mastakomon XI - Moon 2 - DED Assembly Plant in the strongest possible terms…

Terrorist attacks are designed to do just that - instill terror. We must stand fast in the face of such actions, and rise above them.

IKAME stands ready to assist the DED if they wish. Our technicians and forensic investigators are standing by, and are at your disposal for use with the Mastakomon XI - Moon 2 incident if you require any assistance.

Parious MeHoff
Director of Operations, IKAME
Commander, ARC


I greatly regret that the opportunity to weaponize Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Class A, B, and AB Incidents against revolting slaves has been missed.

The attack against Mastakomon which so obviously fits the profile of Minmatar terrorism is exactly the sort of event that might be deterred if a collective punishment response via Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma Class A, B, and AB Incidents were available.

Just like that, yeah.


Interesting developments today. We will be relocating Drifter-fighting doctrines to Semiki.


Despite not conducting investigations in a joint manner, should the IKAME facility come under threat by Drifter forces in the future I-RED will be sure to render security assistance to ensure the safety and continuation of IKAME operations.


The thought is very much appreciated, Lavius-haan. Mind, even today we received not even a shield notification, and we’ve now moved incursion-scale doctrines into the pocket.

Unless the Drifters engage in a sustained effort at the scale of the Throne Worlds campaign, we should be just fine.


The impositions of both CONCORD and the Drifters in matters regarding the corporate sovereignty of the Caldari State is concerning.

I’m beginning to wonder if the amassing of Datastreams could lead to a favorably leverageable change in how the Drifters and the Trigs operate concerning capsuleers. If, say, the Collective began coercing or suborning Capsuleers (or making us sobornost?) into helping them to a significant enough degree, who’s to say the Vigilant Tyrannos wouldn’t also have to reconsider their until-now absolute rejection of outsiders?


Capsuleers becoming a force both the Drifters and Triglavians wouldn’t want working alongside their opponent stands out to me as both the best way to learn more about the Precursor factions, and as our best bet for bringing more of their technology into our own hands. The fact that the Triglavians are steadily drip-feeding us their own tech, understated in the sense that their level of sophistication easily matches (or even surpasses) that of the seemingly bygone Jove Directorate, could be a significant catalyst for Drifter tech reaching capsuleer hands in return - at least, that’s my hope.

Wow, the Drifters became interested in your stockpile just after CONCORD said they would? What a coinkidink!