Im afraid to solo gank

sometimes i try to solo gank, but the miner just laughs at me, and i freeze up staring into the dark empty abyss… my fingers tremble as i contemplate what will happen next, and i begin to cry a little as i watch my inevitable failure… ive tried everything i can, but im just unable to solo gank, its really taking a toll on me and other gankers doubt my ability to solo gank which has significantly affected my latest performance reviews… does anyone have any tips for successful solo ganking, like do you have a ritual prayer you say or like a special inspirational song, or do you just scream “YAAAAAH SOLOOOOOOOOOOO” as you hurtle at the miner all by yourself… if anyone can help me with this that would really help, but you can’t actually help me directly, as otherwise it wouldn’t be true solo ganking (NO SPOILERS PLEASE, I WANT TO EXPLORE THE SOLO GANKING STORYLINE FOR MYSELF).


Tip 1: Arbitrators arent good for it. But like two men who really want to have a baby Ill keep trying.


but what do i do when the miner starts laughing at me and gives me his yellow stare with drones splayed out to make him look even bigger?


I dunno, that sounds like a spoiler.

I just get another one and keep doing it till I run out of ships or they get the feck out of this system with the crazy broad in the disposable Arbitrators

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We still love you Princess, I am sure there is something else you are good at.


I get stuck on the mission where there is an antitanked blinky Mackinaw and you have a talos and you got to solo him before the timer ends, but everytime I warp in I just get the shakes so hard and I start accidentally targetting a bait Venture, and then I get all flustered and the Mackinaw warps out and begins to mock me in local and says mean mean griefer bully things like “go to null sec where noobs belong”


Ware up from your nightmare. :wink:

Else Talos is a good ship, can confirm from personal experience.

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There was a real cool sidequest where you venture forth to learn from Guybertini, but all he does is give some cryptic message about “to solo the miner, you must be alone with the miner” - it was great that he gives you some blinky loot, but I wasn’t really sure what else to do there. Eventually Knowledgeminer started chasing me and asking me to solo him, but nothing ever happened and he bugged out on a regional gate.

It felt like an unfinished storyline, although I did manage to complete the requirements for “star in a Gallente holovid”, so that subplot was fun.


What you need to do is turn sides for a while, become an anti-ganker, hunt miner gankers, and see what comes out of it.

Sorry, but I don’t remember this ever happening, not with you, not with anyone else, be he/she a ganker or not. You’re not making this up, are you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smile:

I just died inside… laughing

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Isn’t that the best I never got that from playing WOW

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I’m a lawful good paladin, so if I broke my vows that would bring the wrath of the James god down upon me, and I wouldn’t be able to activate my wand of loyal summoning. Plus I already completed the “repeatedly mock Thomas in Uedama” quest, so now I can’t accept most of his missions. All he does is give you a griffin anyways.

I don’t think the developers actually expected anyone to do the AG career path, it was just put there for flavor text. Regardless, I need to complete the solo gank quests so that I can collect the billion isk reward from Chribba. Then I can finally rent a Delve moon!


U need a break. Ever heard of vacations? Ganking day n nite non stop is bad for your brain. Take a week or two, I advice Turkey, Greece. Or Croatia. Nice beaches and good prices. Once you come refreshed from vacations you will eat that Mack like spaghetti. :kissing:

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Yes a nice place where you pray to your James god eat free potato salad and drink purple cool aid ooh yeaaaa!

God, what a disgrace. James should kick this person from CODE right away. This level of incompetence is disgusting. This person can’t even use their own alliance’s killboard to find a ship that can easily gank a miner.

You need to forget everything you ever knew about ganking. Spend an hour or two quietly meditating on the Code. Then begin at the beginning. Fit a Velator with T2 blasters, approach a Venture in 0.5 with a Zen child-mind state. Do not think of winning or losing, just embrace the moment. Look how the stars twinkle, look how the asteroids float motionless in space, how the miners, bot-like, float motionless too.

When you are ready, gently squeeze the F1 button. Breathe in…breathe out. Warp away with your pod. Feel the love of James 315 smiling down upon you, like a ray of warm sun piercing through the clouds on a rainy day. You have done well.


And threads like this is why I wanted to know what was going on… Otherwise I would be wondering what this is all about too… :smile:


If you are getting shakes from unarmed and defenseless and fear is too strong there is one more edgy thing you can try…


I’ve learned to live with the humiliation that comes with failure.

Only last week a single word written in local cut me pretty deeply. “Amateur”, they said as I watched them warp out of my grasp. I sat there, cloaked, staring at that one word and wondering if anyone else in the system had seen it. You never know who’s hanging around in a wormhole… judgemental types usually. My gut reaction was to clear local chat, but of course the sentiment continued to echo and reverberate throughout my hull.

I’d almost lost all hope and confidence in myself and then a thought struck me. “You suck”, it said.

Well I wasn’t having that. This was kill or cure and I may suck, but I’m no quitter.

I spent the entire evening locating, jumping, scanning and searching and eventually I found my nemesis. He’d come out of the lowsec static and made his way back to hisec. I stalked him across a few systems and eventually settled on the hole he’d entered. I waited a few minutes to let himself get settled into scanning, jumped in and quickly located the site he was hacking. I’d picked up a faction scram on the way too, just to ensure he wasn’t going to get away. I set up a pounce, and waited.

I watched him hack around half of the cans and began to align for his next target. The trap was set. I was about to undo all that he had done.

Then a Proteus decloaked and smart bombed the ■■■■ out of him and his pod.

Ah well.

I guess the short of it is, there’s always going to be someone faster, better equipped and more experienced than you, but it shouldn’t stop you trying and having fun whilst going after your dreams.

I just realised how sickly that last paragraph sounds, and for that I am sorry.


Glad you’re going public with your fears. It is really crazy to see teh 700 billion in killboard whoring and then see the tiny 3 page long solo kills.

I told you months ago to actually go do something on your own, and all you managed were a few rets. Maybe you should join New Order Logistics and have some newer gankers teach you how to do something on your own.

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