I'm not saying I want Star Citizen, but maybe I do

So, I’ve been following Star Citizen for a bit now just because its been there for like every but recently they have been looking pretty good. They may have a long ways to go but it took CCP a long time to get where they are at right now except EVE seems to not want to innovate or push their limits a little. The new app that came out is NOT cool. I was pretty turned off. I love EVE because its my sh*t but can’t I get a little bit more. I think there are many players here that have shown their commitment but I remember reading an online article of a well known player retiring because the luster of the game ended. It was just the same…

With that said, EVE’s foundation is solid; the economy, the selection of ships, industry, and all that is good (maybe more ships :P) but what Star Citizen has taken to the next level is how deep we go into the game. We have access to the planets but cant roam them? And thats where my frustration comes from. I want to roam the planets and mine some sh*t.

It is what it is and I’m just giving my opinion on something that I care about in the hopes of a CCP Dev act upon my rant and say “lets do it”.

I love EVE. I gave up Battlefield for this and I don’t see myself quiting anytime soon. But I do hope for a bigger brighter future in space.

Star Citizen began development in 2011. It has raised over $250 million in development funds. It has spend almost 2/3 of its’ 8 years of development being ‘overdue’. There is currently (afaik) no firm timeline for actually taking the game live.

Star Citizen’s idea of “emergent gameplay” is apparently “some day, we hope to let players actually play the game. Maybe.”

Frankly, there aren’t many game developers out there that make CCP look almost good in comparison… but Star Citizen’s team is one of them.


Do PI if you want to mine on planets, moon mining is a thing as well. Spaceships are just spaceships and are not fit for atmospheric flight.

SC project suffers badly from feature creep - it tries to be everything at the same time without solid base and that is not something to take example from.

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Star Citizen will never be a real playable game.


They are two different games. Early on, Chris Roberts said he didn’t want to make an EVE clone. SC is designed to be a first-person experience, it plays very differently than EVE’s 3rd person.

Even when EVE almost had a first-person component during the Incarna expansion, proposals I read about for first-person gameplay centered around slower paced exploration, not PvP combat.

It did not seem that CCP could afford to build the extensive 3d environments necessary for rich gameplay that they wanted to deliver, even the four different captain’s quarters took time to roll out. They were building their own game engine in house; they showed off topnotch demos of hair and cloth simulation, but perhaps could have done more if they had licensed a ready-made game engine like Unreal.


If - if - star citizen ever does actually get released, it will be pretty outdated. Unlike EvE, it won’t have 20 years of player history and experiences that have made it a rich tapestry regardless of outdated or problematic aspects.

It’s looking more like derek smart might have been right about star citizen after all.

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Have a few ships in SC and will admit every now and then I like to jump in and just muck around purely based on the fact that as you mentioned it has that element of being able to launch and land on a planet or landing pad, having the ability to eva around, or just being able to blat around on the surface type thing, ED as well.

Agree with Circumstantial Evidence about game engines, and who knows if CCP ever wanted to or ever will look into these sorts of things in the future as it may come down to restrictions on engines, hardware or even being able to code that sort of thing into the game now. While both those are good for that (flight) still think EVE wins out.

Definitely think though it’s going to be interesting in the years ahead for the space genre with what comes along, and who knows maybe one day there will be that unicorn game that combines all elements.


Chris RobsU Space Industries

EVE is dying since 1988 vs SC will be released around the time when the Sun goes supernova :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

'nuffsaid :smirk:


“Astronomers believe that our star, the Sun, is not massive enough to become a supernova. Instead, in about 5 billion years it should dramatically expand to become a red giant and will fry the Earth in that way.”


humen will destroy it way sooner

What I find disappointing in SC is that after all these years you cannot get a package and put it in your ship, it falls through the ship and the floor.

The ship combat is however a lot more hands on than EvE, I just hope they make mining a good experience.

Its amazing how they can even get the animations and whole animation system look “uncanny valley” level of realistic. :crazy_face:

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Nice bait.

No, go away.

nice tech demos are not completed games.

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I can wait for SC to be only $70 for a full game experience.

As to EvE, I always told others, that just changing how PI is done, like making it active, allowing players to land/dock up at a Ground based Starport/Colony then grab a truck with a vaccuum on it and go suck up aqueous liquids…just might be the way to go.

And the reason why? there are people out there that would do such gameplay, and maybe there are people that are out there will pay a sub for such game play.

The possible increased revenue can be used to continue renovating and improving the game…
These type of players would be on planets, maybe one day earn enough to take a shuttle trip to 4-4…
But ultimatelt they add RL revenue at some point, and unless your the Capsuleer owning a colony that they are livining/playing/operating for you; well you wont have to interact with them, for the most part.

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They tried making planets more active - they called it Dust 514. They shut it down after 3 years.

They tried making non-space graphics in EVE, they called it Walking in Stations. At least that ‘feature’ lasted almost 6 years before they had to rip it out.

Sure, I like the idea of landing on a planet and doing something interesting. But driving a truck out to suck up some resources isn’t really all that ‘interesting’. Yes, some people would do it, just like 3% of people used Captain’s Quarters. That doesn’t make it worth implementing.

CCP needs to focus on making core gameplay interesting and viable, not adding bells and whistles. When their player base stops plummeting, maybe they can consider adding something else. Track record says it will just be more wasted effort though.

(PS: Not ‘shooting down’ your idea so much, because yes, active interesting PI would be cool. Just saying that CCP would probably screw it up anyway and so they should instead focus on core gameplay improvements.)


The biggest thing star Citizen shows is what can be achieved when the revenue of a game is spent on that game. Not on other games while the rotting corpse of the original product can be smelt world wide.

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The only thing SC has achieved is to spunk a shitload of other people’s money on a tech demo, at best it’s vapour-ware, at worst it’s an exercise in semi legit scamming.

Star Citizen is that way ---------->

Knock yourself out.

I believed that for a long time but now they have an investor, who I doubt will put up with that, for much longer.

Hell Squadron 42 almost has a release quarter.