iMac 27inch Late 2015 Shutdown Issue

Hey community members and co-iMac EvE Online players,

I know other people have posted about iMac CPU/GPU overheating issues while playing EvE Online.

Unfortunately all of the threads on the subject as far as I can tell are closed.

I think we need a permanent open thread to give the EvE Online developers as much information to why/what/how is this happening.

I been playing EvE Online on my iMac for an extended period of time, nearly six hours until my iMac shutdown itself. This can be in window mode or full screen. I play the game in 1920x1080 resolution. I have the latest MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 installed.

This problem happened in MacOS Sierra prompting me to upgrade to High Sierra to see that helps to resolve the fault but alas same problem again.

The fans are spinning, not wild, I can feel the air flow while the game is running but not hot airflow even when the iMac shuts itself down automatically.

I had Apple to look inside my iMac to inspect if there are problem with my iMac’s ventilation. There are none and they tried to replicate the shutdown problems with their own diagnostics tools which could not force the iMac to shutdown automatically.

It is only EvE Online that has this peculiar problem? Why? Any suggestions and feedback from either the community and EvE Online developers would be greatly appreciated.

FAO: EvE Online developers if you need bug reports and shutdown logs, please advise me how and I will follow up the request.

Thanks for reading this thread.

Fly Safe o7.

Just an update on this thread.

I found this thread. Encountering crashes, freezes or other stability issues, please try this

I have set EvE Online and EvE Launcher according to the thread’s recommendation but I am unable to find Wine’s options menu? I have only got Wine and Window menu only, none of each menu has options to choose?

Can the thread owner or the community advise? Thank you.

I can confirm I had a another shutdown while playing EvE Online.

Changing the settings in the EvE Launcher and EvE Online did not help.

I am not able to find the options to change Wine settings?

Does anyone in the community have an idea where the Wine options are?

Thank you.

Just an update.

I have managed to find the Wine options, they are in EvE Launcher preferences but not in Wine itself.

I think possibly downloading the game has helped and setting the EvE in game graphics settings from top to bottom, Disabled, High, Medium, Medium, Medium and Low. I have been playing the game in Window Mode, so far no shutdown yet.

The thing is downgrading all the graphics settings kind of defeats the purpose of running EVE in the first place (eye candy). I can see this might be necessary if you were running multiple clients (as was previously the case), but with just a single client it shouldn’t be this much of a performance hog.

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