I still have no idea why the ship have no redesign yet?
When will the one arm Popeye get himself a new look?

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Leave the Imi alone ---- it is cute in a kooky kind of way


There is a couple things they could do to it to improve it, but overall i love it (and the Helios) design.

I kind of like it the way it is. It could use some touch up so the window looks less ambiguous.

The Thorax on the other hand is a disaster. I can’t fly any ships with that model because I vomit all over the keyboard

:eggplant: looks better than thorax.

:banana: looks better than imicus.

The imicus looks like a cross between Casper the friendly ghost and Johnny 5. I’ll replay that: the Imicus looks like a cross between a supernatural being and a robotic killing machine.

You can’t do better than that. The only thing I’m coming up with is, maybe, a cross between Godzilla and a supernova, but even then, only if it came with a default red camo.

If the being were some sort of Aztec snake diety and the machine actually a vacuum cleaner… :wink:

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