Immediately introduce new character creation which places newbies in nullsec

My argument is that there is a certain threshold before which a newbie is NOT ready. Brand new character, fade from black, the voiced NPC is talking to you something, your UI isn’t even arranged properly, and BAM you get killed by a random PVP’er. I don’t think CCP has even had the forethought to put in some sort of exception handling into the tutorial so it recovers gracefully if the new player is shot and podded within 3 seconds of starting.

Ok, so that example is a ridiculous hyperbola. But there’s still a threshold: there are several skills that newbies don’t even have trained to 2 for access to basic (but critical) modules. They have no idea how to use the interface, how the ships function at a basic level, etc. All of these are trainable, of course, but it doesn’t just take time, it also takes willingness on the part of the veterans to teach them.

And the majority of 0.0 is not EVE University.

So the original suggestion, to start people in 0.0 right out of character creation, not only forces the newbie to deal with full PVP veterans from the first second, it also presumes that the PVP veterans will give a ■■■■. And I’m sure CCP knows very well that we don’t. We’ll ■■■■■■■ hot-drop titans and DD the damn tutorial mission area if they make it possible. As much as possible. For shits and giggles.

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What a novel suggestion, clearly such escalation beyond reprise happens very often. It’s comical to have a titan dropped on a frigate, it’s self-defeating to do it a lot.

Both EVE and WOW had to put in safe zones for new players after game launch because new players were being mercilessly farmed by existing players, this isnt us predicting doom and gloom based on nothing, it is us simply pointing out that in a situation where even less protection would be available new players taking this option would be killed, killed some more, killed, killed and well, killed. What would they learn, not to take this option because they are out SP’d, out numbered and out classed by other players that will farm them for tears which is a proven fact.

Irony: your name is Ima Wreckyou and you dont understand this simply fact of human nature. Also, no white knights developed to any real extent in either game so the safe zones were added, so your prediction of a white knight scenario should have been one you knew wouldnt come true.


agreed, ive played a game called Tibia, GMs have to constantly intervene on some of the PVP servers because when you go to the main town and spawn in at the temple you have a group of guys waiting to kill you as soon as you walk out. if your not part of one of the first guild there you are nothing but meat, and the game comes with a 10% to xp loss, skill loss, and equipment loss on death.

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