Immortal Exiles- Chilled casual corp looking for fresh from the cloning vat vets and newbros

Immortal Exiles WANTS YOU

PvP / PvE / Mining
0% Tax
We Are A Real Life First Corp
No Skill Point Req

Looking for new and exp pilots / scouts / recons / logi pilots you name it we want it so come join us.

We are a real life first corp but were also looking for those die hard eve players out there.

Before you carry on and read this post, we ask that you look in game and look up the corporation
called Immortal Exiles and read the description and have a chat with guys in our recruitment channel -
The Exiled Public

We are a small corp looking to recruit new bros and vets to grow a strong and healthy community and
enjoy every aspect of eve gameplay we are active in EU/US TZ, below, is who and what we are.

Nothing is mandatory, nothing is demanded, you’re either online or you’re not. It’s as simple as that.
All we ask is if there is a corp op your on it even if your just tackle we always need tackle.

In Immortal Exiles were all about having fun and blowing **** up and just want crazy arsed fights.

So, this is Immortal Exiles, no secrecy, no hidden agenda, we want you to know what you are signing up

So if this corporation is something you feel you can get behind or would like to simply trial.

Empty applications to corp without speaking to a member of the recruitment team will be rejected.

Join The Exiles Public and read the channel MOTD – If not, thanks for reading.

Bump come say hi

Bump still recruiting.

Recruiting still👍

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