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Even in the desolate region of Aridia, in the Ombil Constellation, in the Star System of Fihrneh; stands a Royal Amarr Institute, a school for which all forms of education take place. Over time, the school established training courses for Elite Capsuleers to certify them to train all citizens of New Eden, with a specific focus on the assistance to fresh, young capsuleers.

This topic will follow the life of a capsuleer named Meja Lirnix. A capsuleer who seemed to emerge from the shadows, he enrolled in the Officer Training program provided by the Royal Amarr Institute. Upon completion, Meja went off to explore more of New Eden, using the fresh Officer Training to make a living.

After some time passed, Meja found himself flying often with Prince Seraghis of Soliara and his Task Force 641. Very quickly, Prince Seraghis recognized the vast knowledge that Meja possessed, and officially appointed Meja to the Officer Wing in Task Force 641.

Not long after Prince Seraghis left the warzone, Meja found himself following in the footsteps of his dear friend, and joined him in his new life in Aridia, once again being gratefully accepted into the Officer Wing of the newly founded Zaraevahr Corporation that Prince Seraghis was overseeing.

Meja Lirnix has a lot to do in Aridia.

Sit back, relax, drink some Quafe, and enjoy!


Blood Raider Monastery

Meja paced back and forth the conference room. He couldn’t tell if it was the nerves, or if it was the lack of combat lately, but something didn’t sit right with him. Blood Raider Forward Operating Bases had not been seen in quite some time, which to most would be a relief, but for Meja it signalled they were up to something.

Meja ran weekly patrols, hunting any trace of the Blood Raiders or any other threat that appeared on his scanner. He often spotted traces of activity across Aridia of Pirates and it was never hard for him to find targets to hunt. Meja had slain scores of these pirates, only having to escape in his capsule a couple of times when they got the best of him. With a sigh, he decided there was no use in worrying about the potential threat and would just see if any members of Zaraevahr were available to go on a patrol mission with him.

After an hour of posting a mission request on the Corporation Alert Channel, only two capsuleers had given him a response, one being a fellow officer and the other a newer member to the group who happened to be preparing to go on a quick scout in the area. Together the three capsuleers, with Meja commanding them, took flight in Imperial Navy Issue Battlecruisers, finding a number of Rogue Pirates camping the nearby Asteroid Belts and Stargate systems. They were no match for Meja and his group and very quickly scanners were silent.

The Officer by the Name of Umbian, who had been flying alongside Meja in this patrol, received external summons and had to turn in for the night, so after a quick broadcast debrief to one another, off flew Umbian. “Something still doesn’t sit right” Meja thought to himself as he idled near the Jasson Stargate, with Zaraevahr member Jameson Rocks.

“Jameson, do you see any Pirate activity in the region?” Meja asked calmly. “I’m seeing a few reports by the agency of some Pirate camps being detected but I don’t see enough information to decipher if we have the capabilities to combat them.”

“Yes I’m seeing that too but I’m currently distracted on this odd Signature my ship seems to have picked up. It’s encoded but I’m seeing the phrase Mul-Zatah repeated a number of times.” came the response over the intercom.

“Don’t tell me…” Meja’s voice trailed off lost in thought for a moment as he setup a scan for anything related to Mul-Zatah in the nearby region. Sure enough, his ship also began realying back information about Mul-Zatah communications, although it was not the same signature that Jameson had been mumbling on about. Both signatures seemed to have originated from the star system of Vehan, but what concerned Meja more was having two conflicting signatures of the same origin but different locations.

“Alright Jameson, I need you to dial in. It’s just the two of us now, and while I have confidence in my ability, I need to know that you are willing to risk losing your ship for the good of Aridia.”

“Yes Sir!” came the swift reply.

“Aright then set course for Vehan, only a few stargate jumps away. I will go radio silent until we arrive” Meja spoke calmly, before switching off his comms and taking the first stargate jump. “I’ve only heard stories in the academy about the Mul-Zatah Monastaries back at the academy, I thought they didn’t exist anymore” Meja thought.

Arriving in Vehan, with Jameson shortly behind, Meja was greeted with a terrible sight. His suspicions were correct. Two separate anomalies were displayed with the ID Tag of Mul-Zatah Monastery. After quickly scanning for any unwanted visitors, Meja quickly sent a debrief over the comms to Jameson on what to expect, and what to do in an emergency, should they fail or get any surprise visits from the locals.

Together, under the leadership of Meja, the two entered the first Anomaly and were met with overwhelming odds. Droves of Blood Raider Vessels, from Frigate Class to Battleship Class, came warping in to combat the unwanted Capsuleers. This did not deter or startle Meja, and with some expert piloting and good response from Jameson to Meja’s commands, the two were able to take down every last one of the Blood Raider swarms.

Taking the Ancient Acceleration Gate, they found a large fleet of Blood Raider Cruisers swarmed around this unkown Structure. Mul-Zatah Monastery was the ID Tag. Setting up a long-tange orbit, Meja had Jameson focus his long-range beam turrets on the structure and had him command his drones to focus on the nearby Web Turrets the Blood Raiders had launched. Meanwhile, Meja’s turned his attention to the cruisers, picking them off one by one before they had a chance to get in range, eventually clearing them all out and leaving nothing but debris from all the destruction.

After looting the wrecks, obtaining many rare ship modules and items to be sold at home, Meja and Jameson entered the second anomaly to do the exact same and destroy the second Monastery the Blood Raiders had built. While they were just as successful as the first anomaly, the locals had begun poking around trying to hunt down Meja and Jameson, and so off they flew, deciding to save debrief for the return to Mishi.

Sucess. Meja thought. "But at what cost? How daring will the Blood Raiders be if they are bringing back these structures to the region?

Sure enough, only a few days later was there a posting about the discovery of another Blood Raider Structure, known as the Psychotropics Depot. While it did eventually seem to have been taken care of, Meja knew that he needed to do a lot more preparation if he wanted to succeed at securing the safety of the civilians in Aridia.

While he wasn’t seen flying around patrolling Aridia for some time, Meja spent as much time as he could putting his fleet of ships through repairs and running maintenance, ensuring everything would be in tip top shape for the next battle he would certainly have to face.

The screams of the Blood Raiders were still all too fresh in his mind. The blood-curdling sound of dewllers being tortured until they fell silent, lost to the cold void of space.

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