Meanwhile in Aridia

Welcome to Aridia!

This farthest corner of the Amarr Empire is a desolate region bordering the Imperium. Amidst the chaos of New Eden, Aridia is one of the least active and developed region of space. Festering piracy from Lowsechnaya Sholupen prevents anything meaningful from taking hold, until now.

This Topic will follow the actions of an aspiring timezone tanked USTZ group as they attempt to make something of this interstellar desert…

A member of the esteemed Amarr Loyalist Alliance, Khimi Harar [LUMEN], this fast growing corporation hopes to entertain and inspire, while encouraging others to join us.

Feel free to drop by! Zaraevahr



Recently returned from years of service in the 24th Imperial Crusade, Prince Seraghis of Soliara has established a provisional headquarters in the Ni-Kunni homeworld of Mishi, rapidly attracting new followers. Prince Seraghis’s famed Task Force 641 is the dominant Amarr Militia faction in the Bleak Lands, earning his family name a level of influence and local esteem not seen for generations.

Many Ni-Kunni went to serve in Task Force 641 under Prince Seraghis, and the continuing exile of Admiral Saracen’s 7th Fleet in Aridia further cements his status as a promising key figure in the years ahead.

Traffic to this isolated pocket of the Empire has spiked, with large freighters seen moving vast cargoes of military equipment and munitions, as if preparing for a conflict.

The impact of this deployment was immediately felt; throughout the past month, thousands of Blood Raider spacecraft were systematically hunted down throughout the constellation, earning the group high praise from locals.

For their part, the Blood Raiders have established a heavily fortified Forward Operating Base in Mishi, openly attacking Zaraevahr patrol craft in retaliation, daring a response…


The Blood Raider FOBs are vanquished. Even a roving Sansha Incursion was quickly repulsed.
Never before in living memory have the Ni-Kunni known such security.
Zaraevahr continues to expand throughout Aridia, to the dismay of all Imperial Foes.
The markets are freshly supplied, the militias garrisoned, and infrastructure springs like the tight thrusted fronds of Spring following a fallow winter.
A marvelous Starbase has become known in Haimeh, most brilliant of all such structures in the Desert of Aridia:

Tet Hedu Ardanle returns, arrayed in pure ivory, gold, and adamant; at once a statement, and a challenge.

The christening of this Starbase saw massive turnout from locals and Lumen alike.

Brother Theodosious Savnar oversaw the ceremony:

“We are gathered here for a very special occasion, the blessing of a new station devoted to the Empire, the very first station of the illustrious Zaraevahr Initiative under the leadership of Prince Seraghis.”
“In these lands far from the core domain of our empire, their light with shine brightly and bring justice and law.”
“Friends, you, the illustrious Zaraevahr under the leadership of Prince Seraghis, have built a house in the heavens, a station. Let it be your world, where you rule in the name of the Empress who herself rules in the name of God.”
"Remember that ultimately God rules in your house, and that is as it should be. For: ‘unless God watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain’. "
“From your new home, you will do Gods work: you bring the light of God to the heathen, and the sword of the Empire to its enemies.”
“For this, I beseech thee, God, bless this station, guard its shield, armor and hull and let anyone who attacks it wail and cry at the sight of their intestines ripped from their broken bodies.”
“Protect those that reside in it, guide them and heal them and repair their ships so they can serve you better.”
“Our ancestors blessed sea-faring ships and sea fortresses by smashing glass bottles against their hull. The high-pitch noise was supposed to ward of evil.”|
“Here, we will use here fireworks! Let the light shine on Tet Hedu Ardante!”


                                 HAPPY YULE!!

Its been a fantastic three months. We held off from posting due to an ongoing WARDEC. The ‘Ice War of Avada’ has cooled off for now…

We are opening up for recruitment again this next year! These three months were spent laying the groundwork for our organization. We now have:

-Industry and Refining Facilities
-Mining Fleet
-Jump Freight Route
-Loot Buyback
-PVP doctrines

…and much more! The Constellation of Mayonhen already looks much busier with the addition of new Allies, and the local economy is seeing signs of growth! Piracy remains a significant threat outside Mayonhen, and Zaraevahr can be expected to conduct frequent antipiracy patrols throughout the Region.

We remain eager to make new Allies and recruit more members to our cause!
Its been a productive year.
The foundation has been set, and we cant wait to see how much we grow this year!



The Empyrean Edict flounders amidst an emboldened Minmatar Horde. After years of unceasing warfare, the Bleak Lands and the Devoid are utterly broken. The Angel Cartel was the final blow, devastating the very last of what remained.

The Empire’s Borders shrink once again. The Frontier inches closer to the Capitol.

By contrast, the Aridian Desert has never been vastly populated. Scores of semi-habitable worlds can be found in this farthest corner of the Empire. Even the Starbases are lightly manned. The majority of the population is concentrated at the Ni-Kunni homeworld of Mishi, where spatial ice has allowed for surface oceans and terraforming.

Many Ni-Kunni served under Prince Seraghis in Task Force 641, and the 7th Fleet is currently headquartered there.

To advance his designs of an Aridian Renaissance, Prince Seraghis is offering transportation and other incentives, to induce the resettlement of these refugees from the Bleak Lands…into Aridia.

Citizens from the following star systems have been indicated by name:

  • Raa
  • Tzvi
  • Huola

The invitation highlights improvements to security and the local economy in the Mishi Constellation of Mayonhen, characterizing it as a land of new opportunities, with desperate need for tradesmen, military veterans, and children.

The Zaraevahr of House Jozuvoi are offering free transport from the Imperial Navy Port in Mehatoor to all willing citizens and capsuleers hoping to make a new life for themselves.


Zaraevahr hit the ground running this first week of the New Year in Aridia.

At 03:00 hours on Saturday, a heavy Armor Division undocked from 7th Fleet Headquarters in Mishi to directly assault a local Blood Raider Forward Operating Base. The assault fleet destroyed the Blood Raider defense fleet and all subsequent reinforcements, until the Blood Raiders simply stopped sending them to die.

This was the largest show of force from the Khimi Harar since YC120. Their return to Mishi has been met with great enthusiasm from local civilians and government officials alike.
Blood Raiders Stronghold | Blood Raiders | Killmail | zKillboard

In a public statement, a spokesman for Zaraevahr reiterated their commitment to the safety of the Mayonhen Constellation, promising that this was simply the first of more to come.

Additionally, Zaraevahr’s inaugural Mining Fleet deployed to the Ice Field in Avada for the first time. Nearly 2 dozen ships were observed in a surprisingly large operation. It would seem that the Khimi Harar were not intimidated by the recent ‘Ice War of Avada’, which ended as quickly as it began.

For years, the vast Ice Field in Avada has remained an untapped resource amidst the desert of Aridia.
The irony of the Ni-Kunni is that their desperate need of water and fuel could easily be solved by mining this nearby wealth of ice. Fuel and water imports would grind to a halt, and for the first time in history, Mishi could become a net exporter of water and fuel.
A small criminal actor has dominated all operations, laundering the profits to fund and fuel illicit criminal activities. All attempts by others to touch ‘his ice’ have been crushed. Local resentment of the ‘Avada Ice Team’ is high…

Will Khimi Harar be the first to end this illegal monopoly and bring prosperity to Mishi? Or will the Amarr Loyalists be crushed like all other before?



It was the largest amassing of forces ever seen in Mishi.

After weeks of tensions and posturing, the Zaraevahr of Khimi Harar mustered a fleet of thirty warships to assault three mining platforms in Haimeh in a bold show of force.
The response fleet was equally formidable. As both sides prepared to fight, the unexpected occurred.
A respectful truce was negotiated by the opposing Fleet Commanders. Recognizing that a stalemate had been achieved, and that neither side had the numbers to achieve breakthrough, both fleets withdrew to staging areas.
The truce has held, and commerce has been restored.
Morale is ecstatic among the Zaraevahr. Their rights to mine the Ice Fields of Avada have been secured.
Tet Hedu Ardanle stands brighter than ever before. Though four months nascent, Zaraevahr have proven their resolve, their tenacity, and their strength. We have the spark.

It is hoped by Khimi Harar and the Mishi Government that this peace will endure.
With peace achieved, Zaraevahr have rapidly increased hauling and recruitment.
The heralds speak of prosperity, hope, and flourish…



Surprisingly…the hard won peace has held fast. Tensions evaporated after the standoff between Aridia’s opposing powers. Locals have embraced this change with gratitude.

Civilian craft test the waters, cautiously venturing into previously forbidden ice fields.

Local traffic has really picked up this month, as refugees from the Bleak Lands meander over into the new promises of Aridia. Many of them are finding employment with Zaraevahr…

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As the Minmatar Horde creeps closer to the Imperial Border, the system of Raa itself is threatened.

Raa is the only system left before the Imperial Navy Combined Fleet Group Damius HQ in Mehatoor.

In recent years, this historically quiet and insignificant border system has become a collection point for Imperial Refugees fleeing war in Devoid and the Bleak Lands. The industrial wastes from Pirate exploitation has left the surfaces decimated. Many desperate refugees have enlisted in the Amarr Militia. Others are resettling in Aridia under an independent initiative by Prince Seraghis. Mehatoor is over capacity, and the numbers continue to swell, driven in fear of an emboldened Matari offensive.

As the situation became desperate, Seraghis himself returned from his new holdings in Aridia to launch an attack against the Minmatar Militia as they attacked an Allied Athanor.

Outnumbered nearly 2:1, Seraghis drew the enemy’s assault frigate squadrons away from the Athanor, separating them from their Capital support. The pursuing Minmatar interceptors quickly found themselves under attack, arriving individually as the Amarr Fleet dug their heels in and fired at will. Surrounded and outnumbered, the disciplined Imperial fire control teams focused their lasers on Command Destroyers before they could splinter the Allied Fleet. Logistics frigates were then annihilated to turn the tide, and the remaining Minmatar fleet routed…

The Allied Fleet recovered, thrilled at this unexpected victory.
It would be short lived.
The Minmatar were furious. Just plain mad. Pissed even.

In a stunningly brief amount of time, they returned with a mighty and overpowering Sleipnir fleet just before the Athanor’s shield regenerated. There would be no further contest.

Seraghis attempted to fight even this. The Imperial Fleet closed to point blank range, destroying the Cyno while desperately trying to jam the Minmatar Logistics Cruisers.
They did not even make a dent in the Fleet.
In seconds, Prince Seraghis’s Flagship, and all four logistics cruisers were destroyed. Seraghis quickly extracted the rest of the Allied fleet before it could be destroyed.

Fortunately, the Athanor was expected to perish, and many of the inhabitants had been evacuated.
Seraghis’s decision to engage this vastly superior fleet was done in desperation to save the remaining personnel. Official casualty assessments are still ongoing.

Despite the loss of the Athanor, Seraghis seemed quite satisfied with the results of the first engagement, and losses inflicted. “Anything to thin the Horde.” - Seraghis

Further Minmatar attacks are expected in Raa and Kamela.

This does not portend a return to the Warzone. Seraghis is keenly focused on the great work being done to develop Aridia. However, Seraghis maintains strong relations with Imperial Loyalists and the Empyrean Edict, and may aid them again at great need…

((Minmatar had an outstanding form, genuinely GF :slight_smile: Very impressive reship!))


After months of escalating chaos along the Imperial Border System of Mehatoor, the situation has reached a crescendo.

The main trade route connecting Amarr to Jita has been bisected by the Angel Cartel.

Imperial Loyalists supporting Combined Fleet Group Damius were finally overwhelmed. For the Imperial Navy Security Cordon to be breached is simply unthinkable and without precedent. While the Empire attempts to reroute traffic, several freighters have already blundered into the system, setting off a feeding frenzy.

The Empire has not yet released an official statement, but sources within the Imperial Navy have vowed to crush this insurgency and prevent the Angel Cartel from penetrating any further into Sovereign Imperial Territory. Heavy fighting is ongoing in neighboring Eredan. Raa and the Semou Constellation were simply devoured.

Not since the loss of Niarja to the Triglavians has the Empire experienced something so cataclysmic to Interstellar Trade or civil order. Reports indicate many independent entities supporting the insurgency and taking advantage of the chaos, complicating response efforts.

While the Angel Cartel plunders Imperial trade lanes, the existing humanitarian crisis in Mehatoor has completely collapsed. Hundreds of starships owned by citizens, independents, and refugees have been captured or destroyed. Populations are sheltering in orbiting starbases, crammed into every available corridor. Attacks on these starbases are expected in the coming days, and it is unclear if the Imperial Navy will be able to crush the insurgency and restore order to Mehatoor before there is even greater loss of life.

Prince Seraghis and the Zaraevahr aided in the defense of Mehatoor alongside Khimi Harar. While far from Aridia, Prince Seraghis maintains his vow to defend the Imperial citizens in Devoid and the Bleak Lands. Seraghis has directed additional forces to aid in Mehatoor structure defenses while facilitating refugee relocation to Aridia, where his numbers continue to swell.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.



What began a week ago as a breakthrough into Imperial Space has become a massive infiltration. Violence continues with unimaginable intensity. As anticipated, Mehatoor based starbases have come under direct assault. Pirate attacks against the Azbel have been repulsed for now, but a large Minmatar fleet besieged the Astrahus of the Khimi Harar.

The stakes could not be understated. The situation could not be more severe.
Under extraordinary pressure, Imperial Loyalists rallied.

Never before has so great a fleet assembled behind Khimi Harar. Internal divisions have always plagued the Amarr Militia, and only something this cataclysmic in scale could bring them together as one.

Khimi Harar pledged fifty vessels, eight of them from Seraghis and his Zaraevahr.
The Empyrean Edict redirected twenty of their finest warships directly from the broken front.
Reinforcements from Allies in Syndicate added nearly forty more.
Phoenix Naval Systems dispatched twenty starships in return for years of support.
Even a Squadron from the Angel Cartel was present for the carnage.

Altogether, a mighty Armada of 130 ships assembled in Mehatoor to do battle against the Minmatar and any opportunists…

If the Minmatar were surprised at the reversal of fortunes, they did not show it. The Minmatar Horde typically enjoys numerical superiority, but even unprecedented 2:1 odds did not daunt them.
Neither force employed logistics. This was a brutal bloodbath to the death.
The Minmatar held their ground against a mass of Imperial starships of every variety, separating and destroying many as the Imperial armada gave frantic chase.

The slugfest continued for what felt like hours, as ship after ship burned to dust. The battlefield was littered with broken hulls, but both sides pressed on. Eventually, the sheer numbers of the Imperial defenders proved insurmountable, and the Minmatar Fleet retired in good order.

The Imperials relished in their hard won victory. Both sides fought with incredible bravery and tenacity. It was a battle both sides could be proud of.

Meanwhile, the Angel Cartel have burrowed deep into Imperial Space, from Eredan to Esescama. Over a dozen capital class freighters have been hijacked and destroyed along the famed ‘Silk Road’ connecting the Imperial Capitol to Jita. As the Insurgency broadens in scope, its momentum slackens. It remains uncertain if the Angel Cartel has remaining inertia to conduct additional assaults before the Imperial Navy crushes the Insurgency.


Prince Seraghis and the Zaraevahr have returned to Aridia in triumph. The Angel Cartel’s Insurgency into Mehatoor has been crushed in a united effort from various Amarrian Loyalists supporting the Imperial Navy.

Seraghis has taken the opportunity to formally designate his Homeworld of Soliara as his base of operations.

In a public address, Seraghis assured the Ni-Kunni of Mishi that Zaraevahr will maintain its presence and existing operations in Mayonhen Constellation. Seraghis credited his Zaraevahr for local improvements in trade, and the impact of shared water-ice resources towards ongoing terraforming efforts.

At this address, Seraghis wore openly the Legendary Ring of Soliara, invoking ire from the Ni-Kunni.

The Ring of Soliara

The Ring of Soliara is an ancient artifact, and an heirloom of House Jozuvoi. This battered relic exists from a time before Soliara was subjugated by the Amarr Empire. It exists as a symbol of Soliaran Independence, irrespective of Mishi. The gold is dull and shows heavy signs of wear. The center stone is set amidst a golden sun, signifying the ancient star of Soliara. The six outward rays are indicative of the six adjacent worlds claimed by the Soliaran Government, forming the Helab Constellation.

For their part, reactions from local Soliarans have been very positive. Soliara was the birthplace of Task Force 641, the greatest Militia in the Bleak Lands to this day…



At 17:09 local time on Friday, both Thanatos Carriers in Fageras were destroyed by LSH Lancer Dreadnoughts outside of Civic Court Accounting.
Bala CRP was indispensable to the local Civic Court in Fageras. Both Carriers had operated in tandem for years under the most stringent safety precautions. Every measure was taken to ensure their survivability.
In one of the first observed uses of Lancer Dreads in Aridia, both carriers were trapped outside the station and simultaneously annihilated.
The development of Lancer Dreadnoughts continues to reshape modern warfare. Jump Freighter travel into the Mayonhen Constellation from Jasson has become increasingly dangerous in recent months due to the threat of Lancer Dreads, underscoring the need for self-sufficiency. Smugglers are well payed, bringing in basic necessities.

Most shocking of all; the CEO of Bala CRP has stepped down and joined LSH. Whether this indicates a new understanding or the end of Bala CRP altogether is unknown. Bala CRP has not responded to our requests for comment.

In other news:

  • A Sansha Incursion has appeared in Afinoo Constellation. All travel is restricted for the duration of this event.

  • Khimi Harar thwarted a second Angel Cartel Insurgency in Mehatoor after three days of fierce fighting