Meanwhile in Aridia

Welcome to Aridia!

This farthest corner of the Amarr Empire is a desolate region bordering the Imperium. Amidst the chaos of New Eden, Aridia is one of the least active and developed region of space. Festering piracy from Lowsechnaya Sholupen prevents anything meaningful from taking hold, until now.

This Topic will follow the actions of an aspiring timezone tanked USTZ group as they attempt to make something of this interstellar desert…

A member of the esteemed Amarr Loyalist Alliance, Khimi Harar [LUMEN], this fast growing corporation hopes to entertain and inspire, while encouraging others to join us.

Feel free to drop by! Zaraevahr



Recently returned from years of service in the 24th Imperial Crusade, Prince Seraghis of Soliara has established a provisional headquarters in the Ni-Kunni homeworld of Mishi, rapidly attracting new followers. Prince Seraghis’s famed Task Force 641 is the dominant Amarr Militia faction in the Bleak Lands, earning his family name a level of influence and local esteem not seen for generations.

Many Ni-Kunni went to serve in Task Force 641 under Prince Seraghis, and the continuing exile of Admiral Saracen’s 7th Fleet in Aridia further cements his status as a promising key figure in the years ahead.

Traffic to this isolated pocket of the Empire has spiked, with large freighters seen moving vast cargoes of military equipment and munitions, as if preparing for a conflict.

The impact of this deployment was immediately felt; throughout the past month, thousands of Blood Raider spacecraft were systematically hunted down throughout the constellation, earning the group high praise from locals.

For their part, the Blood Raiders have established a heavily fortified Forward Operating Base in Mishi, openly attacking Zaraevahr patrol craft in retaliation, daring a response…


The Blood Raider FOBs are vanquished. Even a roving Sansha Incursion was quickly repulsed.
Never before in living memory have the Ni-Kunni known such security.
Zaraevahr continues to expand throughout Aridia, to the dismay of all Imperial Foes.
The markets are freshly supplied, the militias garrisoned, and infrastructure springs like the tight thrusted fronds of Spring following a fallow winter.
A marvelous Starbase has become known in Haimeh, most brilliant of all such structures in the Desert of Aridia:

Tet Hedu Ardanle returns, arrayed in pure ivory, gold, and adamant; at once a statement, and a challenge.

The christening of this Starbase saw massive turnout from locals and Lumen alike.

Brother Theodosious Savnar oversaw the ceremony:

“We are gathered here for a very special occasion, the blessing of a new station devoted to the Empire, the very first station of the illustrious Zaraevahr Initiative under the leadership of Prince Seraghis.”
“In these lands far from the core domain of our empire, their light with shine brightly and bring justice and law.”
“Friends, you, the illustrious Zaraevahr under the leadership of Prince Seraghis, have built a house in the heavens, a station. Let it be your world, where you rule in the name of the Empress who herself rules in the name of God.”
"Remember that ultimately God rules in your house, and that is as it should be. For: ‘unless God watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain’. "
“From your new home, you will do Gods work: you bring the light of God to the heathen, and the sword of the Empire to its enemies.”
“For this, I beseech thee, God, bless this station, guard its shield, armor and hull and let anyone who attacks it wail and cry at the sight of their intestines ripped from their broken bodies.”
“Protect those that reside in it, guide them and heal them and repair their ships so they can serve you better.”
“Our ancestors blessed sea-faring ships and sea fortresses by smashing glass bottles against their hull. The high-pitch noise was supposed to ward of evil.”|
“Here, we will use here fireworks! Let the light shine on Tet Hedu Ardante!”