The Rise of Seraghis

A brief history,

Prince Seraghis of Soliara was the eldest son of a lowly Holder in the Imperial backwater of Aridia.

Seeking to prove himself through Imperial Service and restore some honor to his house, he commissioned into the Imperial Navy the moment he came of age. He served under Admiral Saracen of the 7th Fleet in the contested Bleak Lands as an Intelligence Officer, eventually earning himself the rank of Major.

Following the arrest of Admiral Saracen and the relocation of the 7th Fleet to Aridia, Seraghis and many of his comrades felt ashamed at the Empire’s withdrawal. They pitied Imperial Citizens left to the mercy of the Minmatar.

Seraghis resigned from the 7th Fleet, and formed his own militia alongside a cadre of Imperial Navy veterans from the 7th Fleet, and zealous citizens from Soliara.
Seraghis forsook his noble title and became a Capsuleer, and went to protect the Imperial Citizens left to die.

Seraghis’s milia was quickly joined by recruits of every kind: Imperial Citizens, Veterans, Mercenaries, and Capsuleers. They were well funded by sympathetic Amarrian Holders. The militia grew until it was organized into the 641st Electronic Warfare Brigade, assisting 24th Imperial Crusade Capsuleer fleets.

The Brigade grew further until it was reorganized into Task Force 641. Seraghis had made many allies, and was made Alliance Director of the Empyrean Edict shortly after taking the star system of Tzvi in Operation Mars Cicada.

The Empyrean Edict was critical in the completion of the Turnur Stellar Transmuter, performing a costly rearguard action in Vard that prevented the Minmatar Horde from launching an invasion of Turnur, giving the Empire enough time to complete their research.

With a true army under his command, Seraghis prosecuted a blistering offensive against Minmatar occupation forces in the Jayai constellation, conquering and reconquering system after system, grinding against the Minmatar’s overwhelming numbers.

Seraghis was instrumental in unifying the warring factions within the Amarr Militia, and aided Red Sky Morning in the sieges of Lamaa and Kourmonen, isolating the prize: Huola.

For too long an impotent Empire had tolerated this Minmatar stronghold five jumps from the Capitol itself. Minmatar Alliance Smile n Wave had terrorized this Imperial World for nearly a decade, claiming it as their own.

Seraghis took Huola in by siege, finally wresting control in Operation Winter Sapphire. Cut off from escape, every Minmatar terrorist left alive was put to the sword. Entire starbases were razed. Huola was cleansed after a month of grisly work.

The actions of the Empyrean Edict restored Amarr rule to the entirety of the Bleak Lands and Devoid regions, creating extensive defensive lines from which to protect against future Minmatar invasions. Smile n Wave had been routed, and the Minmatar Republic had been thoroughly bled and was on the defensive in Auga.

Seraghis had accomplished everything he had sought to do.


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