[YC 124 NEWCWC Amarr Militia Rally Following Loss of Floseswin]

Amidst the current Minmatar Offensive and the loss of Floseswin, the following audio file is trending on Nationalist Amarrian forums and Militia comm channels.
It is a sermon from Prince Seraghis to his Militia, Task Force 641.

"Contest prevents atrophy."

“The healthy numbers of our foes present us with a clear adversary who can only unite us.
My friends, do not be discouraged.
For an army to be strong it must always be at war, and we grow stronger every day.
We have aligned rival factions as a mediator, unifying our allies against our rightful enemies.
We created intelligence and communications infrastructure that will serve us not only in this war, but also the next one.
Our current military stockpiles are unprecedented.
More and more volunteers flock to our banner, noble heroes of all backgrounds eager to learn how to serve their Empire.
My House is a poor one, but you have elevated it into such regard in these later days through valor alone.
From our humble beginnings a few years ago, merely a handful of Navy Veterans and eager zealots, we have become a true army, and a valued asset to our great Empire.
We have found so many treasured friends along the way, forming relationships and friendships that will last for generations.
Capsuleers, Veterans, Mercenaries, Volunteers…Wealthy Lords and Humble Citizens, all of you have come here to serve your Empire.
You receive little thanks and even less support from a dying Empire unwilling to continue the fight itself. You are dear to me, and I will furnish you with everything you need to succeed.
This waxing conflict is the herald of a new golden era amidst stagnation.
With our bare hands we will defy entropy.
The lonely Trilium, Sigil of my House, has this very spring reappeared in the forests of my home.
My ancient grandmother tells me it is the strongest she has ever seen this mystical flower.
In this hour we unfurl our banner openly in defiance, contesting the sunset, abiding the night, and preparing for the dawn.”


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