New Huola

Not long after Seraghis’s imprisonment, there was trouble.

Amarrian lines in the Bleak Lands and Devoid began to crumble.
Soon, the Minmatar were attacking Huola itself!

Something had to be done. The Amarr Militia needed a leader.
The Imperial Navy began to form a secondary defensive line behind the contested regions, fearing invasion.
The 24th Imperial Crusade implored the Ministry of Internal Order to release Seraghis, who had rallied the Amarr Militia in the past, hoping that his return would stem the tide.

Despite the dangers, Seraghis was eventually released. He had only spent a few months in captivity. The Ministry of Internal Order charged the 24th Imperial Crusade with keeping Seraghis in line, but in circumstances that are still not entirely understood, Seraghis quickly vanished from the face of New Eden.

For 2 months, Seraghis was on the run. Escaping into wormhole space provided a temporary respite.
Finding and eliminating him became a top priority. There were unconfirmed sightings of him in Minmatar Space, but the Empire could not follow him there, and those leads were not pursued. If they ever found out who he was, the Empire would be the least of his worries.

Seraghis was not observed again until intercepted Triglavian comms indicated he had attacked one of their starbases in a remote wormhole system.

The Stribog Clade apparently had a previously unknown presence in a small wormhole with a bright blue star that Seraghis had attacked with a Vargur. Alone.

Seraghis had dismantled the photovoltaic array on the Astrahus in close orbit of the star, draining it of power, allowing the star to consume the Triglavian station in a moment of irony. All fleeing ships were destroyed. This was indeed the work of Seraghis.

The Triglavians, not knowing he was alone, and knowing only rumors of his actions in K space, had sued for peace. Seraghis agreed to purchase the remaining Azbel and its contents for $30B, but the final contract inexplicably was only written at $30m.

Seraghis anchored the Fortizar that had been locally constructed in low orbit of the habitable world there, naming it ‘New Huola’.
The personnel from the Azbel were permitted to relocate to the Fortizar and New Huola before the Azbel was also dismantled.

This presents a significant coup for Seraghis, and will most assuredly fund future crimes…let us hope he remains in a state of self imposed isolation…he can have the damn wormhole.


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