The Fall of Seraghis

Seraghis, Alliance Director of the Empyrean Edict, had taken Huola.
Huola had been cleansed of Minmatar influence.
The Bleak Lands and Devoid were secure.

But in the following weeks of peace, the Ministry of Internal Order heard disturbing rumors…Seraghis was plotting treason.

Seraghis had always been a uncomfortable presence for the Imperial establishment. That a Holder would defile his own blood and become a capsuleer was distasteful, even if he was a nobody from Aridia.
In keeping with the traditionalist ways of the furthest uncivilized reaches of the Empire, Seraghis had frequently and publicly railed against the Empire, condemning the Empire’s refusal to wage open war with the Minmatar Republic. He defied the Yulai Accords, rejected the Pax Amarria, and stoked nationalist fervor that saw even some Holders discretely support him. He claimed the Empire was in decline. He knew nothing. He did not understand such things.
If he had not been such an asset to Amarrian interests, he would never have been allowed to get this far.
But his usefulness had come to an end. Apparently, the local inhabitants of the Bleak Lands were so well disposed to him, that Seraghis was planning to openly declare Huola as his own Principality, awarding himself the guardianship of merely the entirety of the Bleak lands and Devoid regions…

He had created an Alliance insignia to be the crest of his nascent government. He had authored a heretical document, the ‘Empyrean Edict’, to be the namesake and self imposed authority of his rebellious aspirations, and planned to reveal both open defiance of a seething Empire.
This could not be allowed.

Agents were dispatched and Seraghis was discretely taken into custody under the guise of a diplomatic invitation. His wealth and assets were seized, and his clones were terminated.
Command of the Empyrean Edict was transferred to Cyrelle Aurilen, a noble warrior and Seraghis’s chief lieutenant. A member of PIE, her loyalty was not in question.
Seraghis was moved into a secure facility. No contact was permitted. His forces sought no further treason, and continue to serve the Empire.

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