Implants dropping event. Should it become permanent?

Personally I have been finding pvp more fun and rewarding with implants dropping, instead of 100% being destroyed. How is everyone else finding it?


It’s made zero impact on my gameplay since I don’t see many people using implants to begin with where I do my fights.

I don’t think so, that would be a needless drop in destruction no one asked for.

If it was made permanent, I think it would cause some interesting changes in Eve.

First of all, people would hunt pods a lot more. I know people go for pods because implants help make for a nicer looking killboard… and let’s be honest, in many Eve PvPers, there is a certain enjoyment of taking things away from others. However, some people don’t pod on principle (that’s cool, I’m not going to tell them how to play). And people generally don’t frequently fit for pod-locking (again some do). If implant drops were made permanent, I think we’d see people have at least one ship in fleet designed for insta-locking pods.

Second, the implant economy would definitely change. The fact that implants can be recovered from death would increase the number of implants on the market (some people would sell them if they didn’t need them)… which would probably decrease the overall price of implants.

Third, I think people would get even more protective of implants and people would fly with them less because point one would increase the chances of them getting podded. But then again, non-combat implants (minus skill training and exploration) are generally on pilots that rarely leave space dock.

Fourth, we would likely see a huge increase in hi-sec ganking for implants because implants are worth so much… and likely still would be despite point two. I’m sorta middle-of-the-road about hi-sec ganking. On one hand, its part of Eve… fit your ship and you shouldn’t have too many problems with it; on the other hand, a newbie losing a pod with a bunch of expensive implants they worked hard for might be a bit much to ask them to absorb. I realize feeling this way might get me labelled as a carebear or whatever the newest Eve slang is, but I am just saying I see both sides of that argument.

I’m not saying any of this is good or bad, simply these are the consequences of such a change.


The other problem with this is getting your alt to kill you would allow removal of implants.



Funny thing here: If implants drop, their price on the market will deteriorate and thus you make it easier and less of a pain to replace expensive implants in particular, as you also said in the next paragraph. This in turn leads to less satisfaction for killing a pod.

Genolution sets don’t keep rising in price and making pods more juicy with every destroyed set? That 7B Nivana pod is now only worth 3B? That +5 pod costs only 1B now? Meh.

Another consequence is a significant drop in LP store value, which is not exactly satisfying either.


I couldn’t care less.

I enjoy the dropping of implants for the event. If it was made permanent I think that instead of dropping implants maybe have a chance of droping some materials to make implants or some kind of materials for a booster etc based on what implants were in the pod.

Values will still maintain as drop rate isn’t 100% and can be adjusted for balance.

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About that…whatever happened to the idea of reprocessing corpses in some special way to make implant goo or to get implants out.

That was awesome.

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It was an awesome April’s fool joke which they should have implemented for real.

:red_circle: CCP will be mad if you scrape their Aurora implants out of the corpse :smiley:

I personally have been enjoying it :slight_smile: , definitely needs to be permanent.

I’m going to disagree with you. It’s about taking something away from another player. Doesn’t matter if it costs 1 ISK or 2 trillion; it’s about the taking.

Again, I’m not saying this is good or bad; simply that it is. Pods being worth less because implants become cheaper isn’t going to change the desire for those who just like to take stuff from other players.

Look at gankers… they don’t always know the value of what they are exploding.

I think if it were made permanent thatd be a good thing but youd need far lower drop rates than 50%, either that or something much more dynamic to create some uncertainty in the RNG so it wouldnt get farmed to hell and back.

I think it’s an interesting mechanic too but, if it increases the target choices of hi-sec suicide gankers to include more new players in smaller ships, then it might need a rethink.
I’m sure we all want retention rates to increase where possible; more widespread ganking targets in hi-sec would surely negate the positive effects of the vastly improved early game experience on new players. I guess it’s “suck it and see”.

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