So where do implants come from? Can they be bought or made?

Also, are implants like rigs but for your clone instead of your ship?

Most implants are seeded from the LP stores of corps, or can be manufactured from BPCs rarely dropped from rats in certain combat sites (higher end, or at the end of escalation sequences).

And yes, they’re like rigs for clones, except that they are slotted - a clone has 10 slots, and at most one implant can go in each slot. You cannot remove an implant intact, and you cannot install an implant without destroying the one already in the same slot. (Implants are proprietary to a slot, so you cannot assign the slot they go to).

You can use Jump Clones to “change implant sets” - this is in fact their best use.

More info:


Also worth remembering that if your clone dies any implants in it are destroyed.

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