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In your opinion, what is the very best sandwich?

Thanks o7

Chicken Teriyaki, and Tuna.


I assume you talking about food

The one willingly foregone by someone who has plenty; its price given to someone who does not.

We eat too bloody much anyway.

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Vegemite and cheese sandwiches are the best.

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The very best sandwich, in my opinion, is the Philly Cheesteak sandwich, closely followed by the Burrito.

Bon appétit!


Club sandwiches and Egg&Mayo sandwiches are good, too!


Club sandwichs, are those the ones with a thin slice of beef steak toasted served with a side of chips?

Or is that a steak sandwich?

Or a club sandwich consisting of grilled chicken?


The classic club sandwich is a triple-decker sandwich made up of three slices toasted white bread, deli-sliced turkey or chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present you the Croque Madame !! (freely translated as Crunchy Lady)
(boiled ham, grated gruyere/emmental cheese between two slices of buttered bread, then toasted as a whole and topped with a fried egg) :yum:

Without the fried egg it’s called the Croque Monsieur (yes, a Crunchy Gentleman)

Both are eaten piping hot, with the molten cheese running from between the toast.

Originally “invented” (at least technically) in Australia by the native people, and since the beginning of the previous century immensely popular in France and Belgium, where they sell kitchen appliances that only make these sandwiches.

Personally I enjoy this even more with a side dish of fresh, finely cut chicory and mayo, accompanied with a dark trappist beer.

You’re welcome.


Yes you’re very welcome though that kind of leans more towards a full meal!

Fried egg sunny side up and looks a little runny.

No soggy toast please.

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Bacon and Egg mmm.


@Zaera_Keena what other kind of… oh never mind, shame on you. Plus why is that woman eating a cushion from her sofa?

@Sasha_Nemtsov Is that like the old saying; ‘Those who work their land will have abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense.’? Personally the person chasing fantasy is better off since they don’t care.

@Felix_Frostpacker I plan to try Vegemite someday… maybe in a post apocalyptic future when I can’t find peanut butter.

@Namdor that looks like a good open market subway sandwich shop. Recently last week a worker in the US got beaten for making a sandwich. Making a sandwich is dangerous work.

@Felix_Frostpacker A clubhouse is sliced cooked poultry, fried bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. It is cut into quarters or halves and held together by cocktail sticks.

@Wadiest_Yong never had the Croque Madame or the Croque Monsieur they look good but my heart doctor would just glare at me for hours after asking, “Tell me again… why did you end up in the ER?”.

Thanks, I really need something for lunch and making the same old sandwich is getting sort of dull. o7


With barbecue sauce not tomato or mustard.

/re; Vegemite sandwich taste testing

Amazon US states 220 orders placed, so it is not very common over there.

Best to watch Hugh Jackman explain how it’s consumed.

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LOL, yeah, one should not exaggerate with this stuff, especially if eaten abroad, where they tend to overstuff them, make a real sauce based on a Mornay sauce (with gruyere and brie) to plaster all over the bread and on the outside (with extra grated cheese on the outside as well, for good measure), and use several slices of ham just to make certain that you will have a doctor’s appointment. Especially in the States this may become a weapon of coronary insult, lol. My local version is far leaner.

Just out of curiosity, I tried to look up the most popular (real) sandwiches in my country. There seem to be two top choices amongst dozens and dozens of possible choices in local sandwich bars:

  1. The “Smos” (freely translated as the “Sloppy one”, as it’s guaranteed you will make a mess while eating it). Extremely simple in its composition: ham, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced pickle, sliced boiled egg, mayo. It looks healthy, but dieticians scream when they see it.

  2. The (in)famous “Martino”, which you really only can eat in my country, as it relies on a ground beef preparation that is only freshly made and sold here (and which has a very specific taste, with a unique mix of spices, almost as mysterious as the coca-cola secret, and often with added pickled capers if one so chooses). Every time you eat one of these, a dietician dies. Originally made half jokingly as a hangover remedy, it has conquered the market. It’s spicy (the specific martino sauce is made from tabasco, worcestershire, mustard and ketchup, with a pinch of cayenne pepper for good measure) to the point of making your scalp sweat, it’s absolutely not vegetarian, and it has the added goodness of finely diced sjalots or onions and sliced pickle. Some idiots even put ansjovia on top (like some would put pineapple on pizza), but that only takes away from the center piece: the ground beef preparation (locally called filet americain préparé). It definitely is my number 1, and it’s easy to make yourself. An absolute flavor bomb with the smoothness of the meat and the crunchiness of onion and pickle for “that unique mouth feeling” that is so often mentioned by foodies.

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Did anyone see the news about the French made a new world record last week or this week actually?

They broke it by a lot too and fed many homeless people apparently.