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Most risks in life can be avoided and some risks often never materialize.
It is said that one “takes risks”, risks don’t automatically fall on someone’s head out of the blue. Certain conditions need to exist for risks to be present and considered.
That said, life is a risk in itself and it isn’t always guaranteed.

I would hope so. The least someone can do is know what goes into their stomach.

Indeed, I refused to come out when I was born, well not becasue of the risks but was nice and comfy inside, was cold outside.

They tried to starve me out but that didn’t work so they bribed me, offered me 1 billion ISK and a free t2 equiped catalyst when I was old enough to gank.

Even stepping outside your house is a risk, there can be an accident, on that note even an aircraft can crash on your house even if you don’t step out of it or lightning can strike it or whatever.

There are many risks in life that people don’t even realize they take. At least with foodstuff you know the risks beforehand and have a choice (under normal circumstances). Also even non-raw food can have issues as well so risks are present always, food can be rotten or have rotten parts but not toxic enough to be noticed but still could cause issues and so on.

Either way people are informed of the risk just as we always considered if we eat it or not may it be made at home or served in a restaurant and never had issues so as long as the food is properly kept in a clean and cold place there is only minimal risk based on my experience.

But of course regardless of this if you don’t trust the food or its origin don’t even attempt it because the mere thoughts can spoil the experience and might even result in feeling ill similar to how placebo works even if you are not actually ill.

Edit: Oh and btw if I recall correctly if you live too sterile of a life you are not properly exposed to pathogens your immune system will not develop and function properly, not get strong enough and won’t be able to recognize and counteract threats as efficiently which includes children and their natural and proper development to adulthood. At least that is what I’ve read but of course am not a doctor so do your own research.

Very true. Got out of my coffin, tripped over my minion who is always under my feet, face first into the mirror which was useless anyhow as couldn’t see my reflection in it anyhow. Rebounded of the mirror and fell out the window on 20th floor. Fortunately I landed on somebody who broke my fall. Unfortunaltey though, broke a nail.

Was it one of the Frostpackers? I heard they have big bellies so in that case you’ve landed on something smooth.

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Doubtfull, the frostpacker like wallabys and kangaroos are a native species of Australia. Was in america though, wanting to see what american tastes like.

Can’t blame you. Although I was early. I couldn’t wait to take Life by the horns and I have taken many risks since then.

That’s a good bribe. I’m working towards a Catalyst right now doing career agents missions. I already got a Venture but I’m told one agent gives out Catalysts.

I did and you’re correct.

No, No - You should always be late.

I hate being late anywhere, especially to my favorite eatery to get that steak sandwich for lunch. :slightly_smiling_face:

She refers to being a diva so to show them “peasants” where they belong and how much they are worth she is always late to assert her dominance and position over them. :upside_down_face:

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Aah, I understand. Well, I’m one of those peasants from a long line of Pennilez so I better be on time or early everywhere or the jobs and opportunities go to someone else.
I can’t afford to be a diva. I can barely afford to pay attention.

As to the comments about “under cooked” meats. I really don’t care for steak tartar or sushi. I am sure they are safe, depending on where you are consuming them and who made them. I was recently criticized for feed Takaros raw chicken I was cutting up in the kitchen. My response was, “I never saw any animal build a fire and cook their food yet. This is premium chicken breast and he is very fortunate to get some of the fatty pieces.”. I didn’t even bother to bring up the fact they also consume the internal organs and bones as well in the wild. On rare occasion, I have seen the raccoons down by the river washing their food. However that river is so polluted, I would never bath or swim in it, let alone drink it!

I will saute the chicken strips in teriyaki sauce ( yet another no no ) adding some MSG to my meal. Meanwhile today I was packing away 100% beef hot dogs in the freezer just 30 minutes ago. Takaros entered the kitchen, so I offered him a chunk. He played with it and then left it on the floor. I asked, “What’s wrong with a hot dog?!” He just glared at me and I am pretty sure he was saying, Stupid human… that is not real meat.


Humans are too fussy. Predators like it raw.


Why settle for well done when you can have a rare entrée?

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The greatest sandwich, of course, is the good old fashioned hot dog.


To that standard then I would have the sausage on a single slice of bread with bbq sauce and perhaps fried onion.

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