Impression of space

  • There should be much more anomalies in every system.
  • There should be big diversity of anomalies spawn in every given moment.
  • There should be gas clouds and ore belts anomalies spawn in every system (to prevent big market changes there even can be created additional types of gas or redesigned current volumes of items).
  • There should be much more signatures to scan in every system.
  • There should be interesting and wonderfull places in every system (some of them should be scanned in order to warp in).
  • In every star systems there should be available missions which can be done inside a star system without necessety to jump into another (agents on stations as well as agents in space; different types of missions).
  • All this should be distributed in a wide range from the star.
  • There should be more variants of ‘wallpepers’ so environment differs not only between regions and constellations but between star systems too.
  • (There should be more than one star in system so binary star - extreme idea).
  • etc

All listed above is meant especially for high-secs.

Space. In EVE it doesnt look as it should. One does not feel it’s fibre, does not feel it’s amazingness, it’s vastness. One does not feel all this being and staying inside a star system. The feeling of space only slightly comes when we grabed into use of spacegates. This is not normal since the star system itself is a quite huge thing. But when one trying to live in some system to call it home it comes feeling of being traped inside four walls. When you stay in system it’s like to be inside jail.
So this topic is about necessety to change it.
Anyone tryied even once to fly by it’s own thrust through the system to reach it’s borders. It’s really enormous. And there are great amount of wonderers and sites inside even one star system. Because this is space.
But staying inside system we only flounder between two-three(maybe little more) points.
Players should normally live inside a star system having not much needs for fly to anothers. So the changes must be in order to provide it.
The changes listed above could make space in EVE more healthy. Players will be in fullfilled, real gameplay. There will be groups of players living side by side in one system. There will be empty systems for more players and for those who wish for something new. Players will see that the space is huge that there are actually so many star systems in New Eden (it really is but we dont’ feel it).
Thanks for reading.

Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist, but that’s just peanuts to space.
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

That said, why do you want more?


Hisec has so little in it because it’s Empire space. Resources and such are basically stripped clean already.

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TBH humans can see to the edge of space now. We already know how old space is with that in mind, we look at back around radiation. We can see 20 billion years back in time with it. What makes this nice is the fact it took billions of years for that light to hit earth. It’s like going back in time and what we are seeing is light when it was a young star. Now the crazy part is that star could already gone super nova and we would not even know.

The pvp in the server versus player game is that someone beat you to it.

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