Improve market efficiency (and player experience) by changing order fee structure

The broker fee for changing market orders hurts the price discovery and turnover in the market and is a source of frustration on the player side.

Discard the broker fee for changing (re-listing) orders (or put it to at least 1/10th of what it is now)

Re-listing fees punish players for changing orders to a better price. As a result, spreads are higher overall, hurting everyone and reducing turnover, Outbid players are forced to either leave the order sitting with low chance of execution or pay excessive change fees. If there is a system load issue with orders being changed too frequently in absence of fees, the solution should be to increase the change prevention timers.
Having to face an outsized ISK hit to make adjustments in an order is absolutely frustrating, especially when trying to buy an item for timely use. In fact, the ISK itself personally is not even the big issue in the end, it is the anger of the fact i can not be the best offer in the market because the cumulative cost of changing an order multiple times is too ridiculous to do it.

Improved market acitivity
Improved player experience


Working as intended. Instead put “better price” from the start and stop trying to catch a market. This was introduced to stop exact gameplay loop you are explaining.

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Only for botters. For non botters, it allows to force those botters out by making them spend more in broker fee than they gain in botting.

No. It punishes players for trying to change their prices.

Then don’t do it. Nobody forces you.


I’m glad with the changes.

Instead of babysitting orders all day and one-isking the competitors each time they update their prices (and getting one-isked by them), the relist fee encourages me to pick a sensible price from the start, which can be picked based on known market details such as the daily traded volume.

If you do not wish to deal with large relist fees for big stacks of items, I can recommend breaking the large stack into a few smaller sized stacks of which you put only a few for sale and relist them one at a time in case you see the market prices change.

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