ISK Commission for changing Orders should be reduced drastically

High order change commission leads to bad price discovery. To charge an excessive commission for just placing an order is already bad . To punish re-listing with prohibitively high commission is the opposite of efficient market. It as also putting people in the position to chose between two bad alternatives, to either constantly waste IKS for adjusting to a better price or letting it sit without chance of trade. And it keeps spreads high, to the detriment of everyone else as well. It is a constant frustration.

Is it the same between NPC stations and player stations? If it is, shouldn’t player stations be cheaper?

An alternative is to use contracts and dump the market, let the market die.

Players can shift the game that way until something is changed by CCP.

Yes players can compete but that doesn’t really help all that much since most of the market is in npc stations. Even after skills the cost is just too high.

I like the order change fee. It punishes speculation, provides a deterrent for manipulation, and encourages more careful analysis of the market.

I am a small volume middleman and my fees usually run between 7-8% of my gross. That is everthing including sales tax, broker fees, and modification fees. That is on a typical pattern of buy, post for sale, and relist a couple times.

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