Improvement Request to Pearl Abyss

Please introduce a new module for Null Sov space.

The module would be a “System Instance Generator”. We could buy this for something like 1000 PLEX from the NES and then anchor it next to the IHUB.

Once anchored, we could fuel it for like 50 PLEX per day. While fueled the system is invulnerable and everyone that undocks, cynos in, or jump in gets to decide whether they jump into a private instance or the regular node.

That way we can finally protect our ratting Nyx bots properly and truly realize the value that Pearl Abyss seeks in the plundering of new eden for all the PLEXes.

Maybe that could also be locked to a special PLEX only SKIN? Like a SKIN that doubles the tank and makes the ratting Nyx invisible on dscan?

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Don’t be silly, it would be better to make eve’s ship’s run on fuel but the fuel is plex the faster you move the faster the plex run’s out and once it run’s out your ship stops in space and you have to hitch hike.

Splitting the difference:

Capital Enhanced Armor Repairer

Works exactly like a Capital Ancillary Rep but instead of nanite it uses PLEX, it can hold a ton of it and every cycle fully repairs both armor and hull.

Don’t forget to wear your 100 S.Plex.F else you might burn from getting to close to the sun on your travel’s.

나는 이것을 바로 잡을 것이다.

Unknown sources have come across a wondering repeating message from deep space.

I will correct this?

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