Improvements for article on Structure Management

  • Prelude: I thought the way to suggest an update for a web page was via a support ticket. However, support suggests I mention it here instead (and/or via CSM section)

Since SISI is closed - you have to rely on articles and, if you are lucky, for awhile on TQ and testing. TLDR: I bought a structure to learn the UI better - and looking at the structure (falling all over the UI) and what helped and didn’t help from the articles - some feedback

  • The article states the “My structures” tab will show how much fuel the structures have …

In hindsight, this is true - but a screenshot showing that the info is to the far right (my default window did not include that information and so I did not see it initially. Had to dock, take control, and do the math. boring)

What the article does not say is that it must be the “Any profile” tab (why only that heading. imho “Any profile” is misleading, as this seems to be more like structure “properties” than any access profile.

Also, regarding seeing the current vulnerability status - again “Any Profile”.

I am not commenting on whether the UI design could be improved. It is what it is - BUT - the support article explaining the current state of the UI could be much better.

I’m sure that there could be more said, but this is just the top of the iceberg - as I had my first interaction with a structure.

Hoping this helps!