Impurities in asteroids

Asteroids are currently very annoying, 100% consist of only one material. To make them more interesting, we should add impurities to them. How? Randomly when excavating instead of the original material it could be excavated:
any other mineral
block of ice
“lost” munition, rocket or modules

These additions to asteroids would make mining much more interesting and profitable.

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Mining lasers, especially for ore (instead of ICE) are made of Pulverization Drilling Lasers and a low power tractor beam…

Regular ore is essentially turned into a powder like substance, any impurities are filtered out as that powder (coke) is pulled into the ore holds. This is why it is usually very easy to compress (moongoo being the exception) into very tight small blocks.

Ice is simply cutting a chunk of it off the Ice rock, melting it down and refreezing it…

Please go back an read your science lore…
Also, we dont need more ways to collect ratloot outside of shooting rats…keep the gameplay seperate.



Let say it is not.

This is VIDEOGAME and “specifications” can be cahanged in a scec. :smile:



Does not rework mining in any interesting way, other than a small buff to the loot.

Agree with the other posters, bad idea.

-1 :-1:

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-1, this only helps poors

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Great I have even better idea now. Let’s make “Improved mining agregat” with characteristic like in OP, and a new feature would be that BPC for “Improved mining agregat” can only be purchased for PLEX from the NES. Lets help CCP a little.

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Impurities normally refers to worthless materials. These are like mining bonuses. It also creates the weird situation where the game is trying to put a non-ore item in your ore hold and probably cries. And the other weird situation is the opposite of gun mining. Instead we’d be manufacturing items with mining lasers.

Anyways, as a long time miner i don’t want rng loot in asteroids. I actually wish we could get rid of 5%/10%/15% ores and replace them with much rarer +50%/+100%/+150%.

That’d make mining more cutthroat and if you spot one in low/null/wh it might be time to get the venture fleet out.

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I think if they made a change like you can get plain veldspar in highsec and then the other named ones like dense veldspar in low and special veldspar in null? More trit in deeper spaces? Junk rocks in highsec? Just a thought

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-1 no way, they would have to rework all those mining heads.

how about no, and why are trying to derail your own thread…
im done talking with you im just going to repeatedly flag any post you make about RMT bullcrap that has nothing to do with the OP.

have a good day

This was mentioned previously, but basically you should be getting extra useless junk out of your asteroids rather than useful stuff. Maybe you get carbon 25% of the cycles. Basically make mining less profitable

That would be like adding some pi raw materials to the mining mix.

We got 100% ore in moons if it jackpots

But not 100% yield in refining?

Not worth ninja-mining in ventures in dangerous space then.

Best refine available is 89.3396%

I think you misunderstood.

I want an ore with +100% mineral yield. Something that makes it worth while to explore dangerous space and make a fleet of ventures when you find one.

That ship sailed 20 March 2014

No you’re still not getting it.

Right now we have ores with +5%/+10%/+15% minerals in them. I’m proposing rocks that get +50%/+100%/150% but are just rarer. So its not the refining yield that changes, its the mineral yield of the rock i want to change.

It has absolutely nothing to do with compression which is why base yields were changed those years ago (remember how ores were buffed at the same time?).

Do you get it now?

I’ll try it one last time pointing out that I answered the first time what I think you are looking for.

If a moon has a jackpot frac, it gives ore that is 2 times (or 100%) the mineral yield of the standard ore.

If that still don’t answer your question, ask it better.