Been thinking about something that make eve a tad easier for your everyday Miner, yes a mining threat

Instead of haveing Veldspar,Scordite,Pyroxers, kernite, omber etc in belts why doesnt ccp just make it easier and re-create the Asteroids into Mineral Rocks

Mineral Rocks IE comon sense kicks in

Tritanium Mineral Rock
Pyerite Mineral Rock
Mexallon Mineral Rock
Isogen Mineral Rock

and so on, this would allow CCP to remove some skills in the charecter sheet to make it less clutterd

Skills being Reprocessing, Reprocessing efficiency Etc etc.

Naturally You’d prolly want to Keep Moon Rocks and ICE rocks how they are.

Regular Mineral Strip Miners, of course would take same skill.
T2 Modulated Mineral Miners, would require the old skills veld proccessing etc to be switch to Trit Processing. Pyerite Processing etc etc, Trained to 4, to be able to use t2 crystals

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Which means you have Coesite, which drops Tritanium and Pyerite and Mexallon, but elsewhere you have Tritanium rocks or Mexallon rocks. I can’t see how this would cause any confusion or incomprehensible clutter.

You also forget that Ores are not Minerals. Ores always contain a variety of minerals, which means it make a lot of sense to have a variety of ores with varying contents. Additionally, you can also have different ores in different security level spectra, which produce different levels of mineral yield.


This makes no sense and would be quite hard to implement.




That level of simplification would reduce depth in the game. At the moment, different ores refine to different combinations of minerals. That creates choice for players.

Making choices less interesting is bad and this proposal would do that.

So while simplification is often good, simplification that reduces game depth is not. There’s been too much of that in recent years imo.

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Yeah, that is always the first thing that comes to mind if I think about mining. It is too complicated, CCP has to make it easier :roll_eyes:


Judging by their past game changes, it’s highly probable that in the future CCP will eventually simplify Ore / Mineral content as well as Reprocessing skills.

I’m not sure about that. Looking at the recent example of the Moon Mining changes and the new skills/crystals that were added to support that, I suspect that complexity will remain. Though I do agree that some modifications would be interesting- I like the concept of increasing player interaction with mining activities (though I’m not sold on any particular proposals) to break up boredom and reduce batting/AFK mining. Personally, I appreciate this complexity in the skill tree as it adds a level of what I consider to be depth (others will disagree, I’m sure). I generally appreciate branching skill trees for activities as it allows for a bit more choice in generalization vs. specialization in training or professions.

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As long as you leave my Veld rocks alone I’m happy :wink:



Yeah, there use to be a lot of specialization in this game but over the years CCP has simplified a lot of stuff and they’ll probably continue that trend well into the future.

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My alts have been going around amarr space sucking your Veld rocks dry :slight_smile: so no they won’t leave em alone :stuck_out_tongue:

-10 Just no.

Yeah, sure, give them alpha, then remove all the old skills that had to be learned for nothing and give them to the new players for free so they can come and kill us from day 1 no matter if they worked 15 years to protect it.

I couldn’t agree more, mining stinks, but turning into a mini game doesn’t improve it either, that’s why I suggested to allow people to acquire materials through planet side mining similar to PI extraction process, freeing people to roam and do other activities, but that got beaten to death as an ideal and that is that, people want a static universe.

This guy would hate Black Desert.

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