In development video: moar shiney & SKINs (for a change)

So what’s coming for Winter it’s…

  • more pirate shipyards & supercaps
  • new shader technology for moar shiney
  • new SKINS with the aforementioned shader shiney
  • moar weapons & damage shiney
  • the usual bunch of QoL changes
  • changes to Tech III cuisers? Haven’t those been released yet?

I’d swear I recall someone (CCP Seagull?) saying somewhere (Fanfest?) that the Winter expansion would be aimed at Empire space, but so far there’s nothing on that.

Frankly, this video could have been released in 2016. Or 2015. Or 2014. And would mean exactly the same… :neutral_face:

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Nobody left in empire space. They all quit, thus no reason to introduce content for them :wink:

Instead we get Serpentis shipyards, which totally coincidentally of course, will spawn in Goonswarms front yard.


The winter expansion is still a “secret”. Seagull said they will start talking about it in August. So in the next development update we might get some details.

When I see “64bit client using Directx 12”, then I’ll get excited about new shinies.

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