In-game Corporation Management

Where do you go to learn how to manage your new corporation?

I’d say: In a corp.

When you say manage, what exactly do you mean?

There are a huge variety of factors that will influence how your Corp runs:

  1. Is it a corp for you and your alts (or very close friends that play) or is it a corp that will recruit openly?
  2. What is the focus of your Corp in terms of what you will get up to? (Indy, mining, PvE, PvP etc)
  3. How active are YOU prepared to be within your corp?
  4. Where will you be based?
  5. Are you going to build a structure(s) and if so, where?

If you’ve not run a corp before then you’ll figure it out as you go along- just be sure of what you want from it and go from there.

Fly safe o7

A few resources for you:

Good luck!

Thanks all,
The pointers were helpful and the list of thoughts was also very thoughtful

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