In Game Rumors

This is thread is for in game rumors. Weird stuff heard or seen.

Since I started playing I have heard there is a single Rorqual in High Sec. It is said it belongs to a third party site maker. Has anyone seen it? Can you tell me the back story of it?


Its Chribba.

His story:


There are some capitals and even titans in highsec stranded. But since every playerinteraction is forbidden, they are not seen often.


In the game of EVE Online, find the system of Lanngisi. You MUST NOT enter the system in anything larger than a frigate, and you MUST NOT enter until after 00:02 server time on a Tuesday morning. Once you are in the system, warp to planet IV at 0km and wait for precisely 8 minutes and 43 seconds. After this time has elapsed, warp to 50km from the sun, you must do this before 01:22 AM server time on a Tuesday morning.

If you do this, a strange, bald-headed man with pale skin will arrive in a ship that isn’t currently in the game’s database, and will approach you. DO NOT MOVE. If you move he will target you and destroy your vessel immediately, and shortly afterwards your EVE Online account will be deleted. If you remain still he will stop 5km from your ship and ask you the following question in private convo: “Who did nothing wrong?” You MUST respond with “Erotica 1” and you MUST respond within 10 seconds for this to work. No one knows what happens if you fail this particular part, as everyone who did were never heard from again, both in-game, and out.

If you have done everything correctly, the bald-headed man will drop a container next to your ship, DO NOT OPEN IT YET, wait for him to leave first. It can take him anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour to leave at this point, during this time you must not move, speak to anyone, or touch any other controls, you must also not go AFK as he can leave anytime, and the container will disappear 10 seconds after he has left.

Upon opening the container, you will find an item that isn’t in the game’s database, named “The Mark of Teg”. It is an implant that, once plugged-in, will turn your avatar black and white, and your character will suddently be wearing a deerstalker and a trenchcoat. Some say the implant gives you the ability of perfect deductive reasoning, others, however, claim that it only forces you into a mental state that will lead to ruin and irrelevance.

Either way, that implant is number 24 of the 157 virtual items that shouldn’t exist.


Cant believe you actually typed this out.
You must be even more bored than I am.


I think its legit.

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Max Singularity has an Amarr FAX he flies around in hisec. He got special permission from ccp.

Fisrt thing that i tought was that:



I heard a rumor that Eve is dying.


jeff told me a story about mary and kevin. he’s saying the two are seeing each other every other night in private when everyone else is sleeping. he said they’re making a lot of crackling noises when they’re together. maybe it’s their bones creaking. or their joints. maybe both. it’s to be expected of course, because corpses don’t produce any synovial fluid anymore.

Still looks better than Imicus.

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Destroyed a polaris CCP gm frig once in fleet who was breaking up a gate camp with hundreds of wrecks and dropped drones. In the loot was an identical and scoopable hull. It was looted and confiscated.

I know another player who still has a gm ship.


I think it’s a bit old (I read it on one of the old forums), but there are rumors of a Sleeper Dreadnought going around wormhole space. Don’t know much about it :confused:

The recipe for pod goo includes 13 different body parts. There’s a very slim chance that you’re floating in bits of one of your former hosts.

We’ll need to start using this:

EvE가 죽어 가고있다

–Helpful Gadget


나의 지갑은 비다

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I have enough for a whole pod!

Pics or it did not happen! I would like to see a screen shoot of that? That is neatest thing I have read here yet.