In Game SRP facility for Corps/Alliances (Quality of Life)

Almost all Alliances and some large Corps offer an SRP (Ship Replacement) scheme.
These are a pain to manage and can be fraught with error, delay or even fraud. So I would like the game to be able to generate and process the SRP requests.

My thoughts are this: The corp/alliance nominates their FCs and those in the Directors/CEOs who can authorise the payment via a control widget within Eve. It may need to have multiple directors to authorise the payment. You also point to the wallet which contains the cash.

Next step would be that a nominated FC forms a fleet and enables a function within the fleet to collate the losses during the fleet. At the end of the fleet when the FC turns off the collection feature all the KMs/Losses are presented in a tabulated window. The FC can then deselect any fools that did not do as he said. If he is happy those on the list qualify for SRP then he does the first step in authorising the request.

The next step is that the list generated by FCs appears in the nominated Directors/CEOs inbox. They can then peruse the list and if all is fine to them they authorise the next step. So depending on how many levels of Authorisation (I suggest not a silly amount but FC and two Directors shoudl suffice) the payment is then processed. It instantly takes money out of the SRP wallet and into the pilots who lost ships Wallet.

So some other details to consider would be that does the SRP cover only the Ship or the Ship and the Modules. This would need to be configured where you configure FCs and authorising directors.
The prices should be based on Jitas prices.

Now I am sure there are a lot of details that need some more spit and polish and I am sure the happy and constructive members on this forum will supply those details.

Also whilst we are talking about those happy and constructive people on the forum I would like to say to them before they fill this thread about do not die, get good, get better FCs or any other such nonsense that if they do fill this page with that stuff they have clearly never flown in a large fleet!

Anyway this facility would take a lot of admin out of running large Corps and Alliances.


And this is why you aren’t getting a system for it. The alliances with the best organization and security get an advantage, less-organized alliances struggle to keep fleets supplied and get ripped off by scammers.

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Read above post. They aren’t going to implement a complex system like that when they can whore on stuff like hypernet and similar features, or make basic balance passes that have been asked for for years (Looking at you Eris)

Alliances are comprised of player corporations. It is an entity of players administered by players.

CCP should absolutely not automate a particular style of administration just because it’s common.

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You miss the point entirely.
If this is automated then Alliances or Corp who do not SRP because they do not want the hassle will be able to.
More SRP means more fleets which means more losses for Indy people to build replacements.
You cleary do not grasp the bigger picture at all.

I think it’s you who has missed the point. Your proposal still requires a lot of interaction from, and permissions from, FCs and corp/alliance leadership. The FC still needs to decide which losses are reimbursable and which ones aren’t. Corp/alliance leadership still needs to go over that list and sign off on it. If SRPs are not happening because these people don’t want the hassle…why would your proposal change anything? All it does is automate the ISK payout to players.

Also, there are multiple ways to run SRPs. Some groups hand out ISK, some groups hand out fresh hulls, some groups hand out fully fitted ships, and some groups run private market hubs with SRP ships available on the cheap. Why should some new automated game functionality heavily favor one of those methods over all the others?

EvE is a sandbox that favors those who organize and take the time to do things like this. It doesn’t hand things away for free, it makes you work for them. This is the point I think you’ve missed.


Why should those alliances/corps that are less organized and less willing to invest in supporting their activities be given parity with the alliances/corps that do make the investment?


SRP is a basic part of taking care of your people. If an organization cba to SRP stuff their players lost for the org., then that org. does not deserve to have those people.

ccp should not be involved (bet they wouldn’t want to be anyway).

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