In other news, the EmDrive space engine is dead

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The most carefully built EmDrive ever has been tested in the most insulated and accurate conditions ever, and it turned that the measured impulse happened even when the power was diverted to a heatsink isntead of the microwave source. Later measurements proved that the “impulse” came from interaction between the live wires and the Earth’s magnetic field; a better insulated version of the experiment is under design to eliminate Earth’s magnetic field as an influence and drive the last nail into the EmDrive’s coffin.

In this planet we obey the laws of physics! :rocket: :woman_scientist:

Humanity needs THIS!
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Damn you physics! Ruining dreams of spacetravel with ease of breezing thru void like in Star Trek. Damn you! :sob:

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Who was really surprised though? This is feeling like Cold Fusion all over again.

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If people like moving images more, also relevant:

I enjoy this series, so I don’t mind sharing.

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