In systems with a security level below 0, online players should not be counted on the "local" channel

Would prefer black out to come to low sec but in a fun way, null had its chance and they didn’t want it how about:

Low sec every 5 hours (so that its different times every day) there is a blackout for 2 hour’s during this blackout there is no local but bounty risk modifier doubles, mining increases by 50% rate and lp rate increases by 50% and cyno’s are not able to be used during this time.

The disabling of cyno’s is to stop low power blocks from mining safely with a cyno and supers ready on standby.

Null can keep their local.

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■■■■ no.

I am not suggesting it. I am just saying that this would definitely increase player count. (While decreasing CCP income, but reducing sub prices will do that too).

EDIT: but out of curiosity why are you against that? I am biased I admit that, but I can’t think of anything why would this be bad for game itself or players. I mean, when I say buff alpha I certainly don’t mean by that to give them better mining, industry, cloak or anything else that can be abused. By buff to alphas I mean ability to fly more combat ships or do lvl 4 missions.

It might not decrease CCP income if more players sub at the lower cost thou.

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That was taken away due to botting.
They can fly all t1 up to b.s. as well as faction. You want to fly t2 get a sub.


That is not making much sense to me. As if omega clones couldn’t bot it? Aren’t bans IP based? Whatever, if this is the reason it is sad. I wanted to do lvl 4 distribution missions in lowsec (for caldari navy) yesterday and was higly disapointed it is locked to omega only. Because it certain didn’t used to be.

And I am myself perfectly fine with that. But majority of players doesn’t consider this viable / worth to play with such limitations. So since they don’t want to extend their sub and alpha is too limited they quit instead. Likewise for old players coming back.

I mean the solution would just be to become omega, lvl 4’s are big money.

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We’re also actively looking at ways in which we can target these groups faster and more efficiently. We’ve smashed a few rings of courier mission bots recently and want to make sure we can continue to stamp these guys out.

It was learned that alphas were botting l4 and l5 missions. Cant really remove access to courier and leave in the others, so they lost access completely.

Which also included epic arcs. This was all noted in march 2019 security update and march 2019 ipdate

All they had to do was to disable it in highsec. Good luck botting lvl 4 disto mission in lowsec with alpha clone that has no cloak. And they weren’t even that lucrative to begin with.

I absolutely understand why CCP removed this content out of alphas. It allowed to reach PLEX faster thus not deciding to pay sub. But what exactly is players’ problem with this? Why would it bother you that alpha clones can actually get some decent money doing lvl 4 missions in highly inefficient ships. I did just few of them and I was omega at that time, so I don’t know much about this, but how is alphas’ ability to blitz them with Machariel? Because they cannot use sentry drones, neither gecko, nor t2 heavy drones (and thus augmented ones), so even with best ship available to alphas - rattlesnake it must be slow as hell and I doubt that tank will suffice without some serious bling with the way how nerfed shield skills are for alphas. Well I will ask my friend to give me warp to one and try it.

You can do anomic missions in a cheap 3mil alpha hookbil and make 200m/h, if lvl 4’s where available.
I know becuase when I came out of alpha with alpha sp I was able to do them.

I saw that post. But I don’t think he mentioned alpha clone. Did you actually try this on alpha? (I can’t find that post to check who wrote it and if he really mentioned alpha or not)

If it is really possible then fine. I always skipped these so I know nothing about them.

yes all you need is 1500 speed and 21km range even 50 dps is enough. Easy enough for an alpha.

I am able to get around 200mil/hour with alpha anyway, but lvl 4 missions were certainly more accessible and 0 risk. Okay thanks for info, as I said I only did few of them as I disliked missions to begin with so I just wasn’t aware.

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can you do a guide on that?

Hehe no. Main reason I am able to do it is that (pretty much) nobody else does it. If there would be competition then the profit would be significantly lower. But it is possible.

I just say that it is not in highsec.

Players go to null to be safe