In your heart, which ship fitting is the best solo fw mission choice

in my company, we use enyo for c lv4 fw mission.
400+ dps and cheap fitting with all t2 eq. remember bring depot and relevant eqs with you,
switch according to environment
1 pvp fitting
1 run fitting
1 mission fitting

could you please share some for our newbee company?thx

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Wow, no answer to your question?

Might get an answer in the PvP section.

Lately I have been burbing through levels 3s in a omen navy issue pulse fitted.
It can do all the missions (including the 5-8 jumps) in 12-15 minutes, meaning (theoretically because lowsec) it produces 120k )loyalty per hour.

I will just say 100k because its 28k loyalty per not 30, and sometimes you need to do that clear the room one, which i would strongly suggest dropping.

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