Inactivity Timer

Please change the inactivity timer on a thread to 3 weeks. If something worth saying hasn’t been said after 3 weeks, it probably wasn’t worth saying.

It would stop so much necrothreading.


It would already help if the topics actually closed after 3 months.

But like so many things with this forum (suggested topics when creating a new topic suggesting anything but relevant things based on title text, for instance), that function is obviously borked … or biased towards leaving long topics open regardless of time passed.

“will close 3 months after the last reply.” That means ‘not 3 months after the first post’.

PS: 3 weeks would be better unless people would just repost.

A repost is better at that point anyways. Fresh discussion. Let the past die.

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Ok, let me think about it, i’ll get back to you on this in about 3 months. :wink:
Just kidding. :smiley:

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