Inconsistency in UI design

TL;DR: Change Agents button design.

I know it’s a minor issue, but it irks me.

For the UI an asymmetric design for the buttons has been chosen, with the bottom right button cut off.



This asymmetric design was started, I think, with the introduction of the new Agency, where the bottom right and top left button were both cut off on all the buttons:

I think it looks pretty neat.

However, when is everything consistently designed to be asymmetric, why is the ‘Agents’ button (visible when docked inside a structure) like this?


That’s symmetric! :scream:

I’m nitpicking here, I know, but why not be consistent and pick the design choice you started with the Agency and change it to be like this:


(Example of my paint skills)

Or alternatively, don’t remove a corner from the Agents button at all. Either way would be another step towards a consistent unified UI experience.


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