Incursions and Abandoning Wrecks

I was just told by our incursion FC that the reason they do not allow abandonment of wrecks is that it can cause the incursion server to crash, and that CCP will ban you for doing so.

Google hasn’t given me much on the old forum. The new one doesn’t seem to have anything either.

Is abandoning wrecks in an incursion site “bannabale”?

It’s all on one server, so that doesn’t make any sense. My guess is that the FC was having a laugh, or making ■■■■ up to stop people doing something he doesn’t like them to do.

But then again it’s the EVE servers, and if you so much as sneeze too loudly while logged in it’s likely too crash.

Hmmm. Hopefully someone from the ISD or CCP security might be able to confirm the legality, might have to wait until Monday for a response.

It’s unlikely you will get banned by abandoning wrecks in Incursions. However due to the number of wrecks an Incursion site generate, it does have a significant effect on the server load. If everybody does it it could in worst case scenario cause a server node to crash (unconfirmed belief).

I am not reassured by that word “unlikely”.

It seems the count of wrecks in an incursion ‘room’ is the same as for the top tier null security sites.

Is the abandonment mechanic ( and resulting server load ) different for incursions than it is for null security space?

Its not the fact that it can cause a server crash, More the fact that it can cause people with shitty connections to crash occasionally so its mainly a courtesy thing.

So if I wait until everyone else is off-grid it might not have the same impact?

Probably not, But if your planning to salvage dont bother payout is ■■■■. You will make more money scanning down drones in incursion systems.

Don’t have scanning skills. Each room seems to be worth about 10 million ISK, but takes forever to slowboat to each wreck since I can’t tractor them without blueing the whole lot during a fleet.

From my memory it creates a lag spike big enough to potentially put fleet in danger if done in wrong(right) time.

So from memory it was frowned upon 10 mill salvage isn’t worth anyone’s 2-3bill ship and doing another site is faster and pays more.

Eve hardware changed since than

At one point having a ship in side of completed site prevent site from respawning it was used to grief high sec incursion runners sitting in a sites in a noob ships.

If you are doing salvaging on an alt while in fleet more than likely you are dead weight not paying attention or contributing via shooting stuff broadcasting on time etc.

That makes a lot of sense.

My 3rd world internet lag means I am all those things through no fault of my own already. My guns seem to make almost a whole 1/4 extra turn after a target has died before I can re-fire them. I wish CCP would relax some of the client side restrictions on module activation when a client’s lag reaches a certain threshold, though that belongs in another forum thread.

Its not so bad when I fly my basilisk, at least I’m guaranteed to have reps staggered compared to everyone else.

The only arena in which I am remotely even is drone mechanics, though some within CCP seem to have a real hate for those too.

Sentry drones aren’t much use in an incursion though.

My major concern was staying away from activities that were a grey area, or things that people just expect you to know not to do, yet aren’t written anywhere.

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