Indian Players

Any Indian players please respond!

Nearly 1.4 billion people with about 125 million of them English speaking, I’d expect to see many in here.

Unless as a culture they don’t like SciFi games or something.

Hey! bro

Not many players from India because it is still developing country so they dont have time and money to play games like EVE when more important things are to do.

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Eve is too expensive for India. They prefer one-time fee games instead of monthly sub games.

Or at least that’s what my friend told me. He was Korean and hated India so I dont know if hes right.

Hey man? Indian?

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Hates gladly accepted though. But no. On the contrary, it is not that expensive for middle class Indians. It is 2753 rupees for 6 months and it is fairly cheap. To be honest it is cheaper than many other MMORPGs. And please do give my XOXO to your korean friend. From India with love. :yum::yum::yum:

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There are many Indians in Canada and Toronto who could play that, and they don’t have to be in (East) India for that.

There is a lot of discrimination about rental offers to Indian only students (illegally so here), and they don’t understand the legal system here, even though the minister of defense was/is Indian (or dual citizenship).

hey yeah, hit me in game :slight_smile:

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