Industrial ADC module - Punish AFK reward Active Players

Can we please get an Industrial Damage Control that works the same as the Assault DC but can be fitted on mining ships, haulers, freighters, jump freighters and industrial command ships (orca, rorqual)? Still would give high resists for 10 seconds.

This would reward active, vigilant players and punish the AFK’ers, Bots, autopiloting AFK people, etc. If you are not watching the screen, you wont turn it on.

Gankers would say that you want to hurt their gameplay. What would be your response? Also, just food for thought: not even all combat ships can fit an ADC. Not even all T2 ships can. No T3 ships can. Why should all Industrial ships be able to fit such a powerful module?

Maybe your suggestion has a higher chance to go through if such an Industrial ADC (or simply: an ADC) only becomes available for very limited ships that have a defensive combat role. Like DSTs and Skiffs. But not the other industrial ships.

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Getting the popcorn. :popcorn:

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I know exactly what gankers would say.

Industrial ADC would do no good in null sec or low sec, maybe buys you 10 seconds for your buddies to warp in. It would be invaluable for high sec anti-gank for vigilant players, but wont save you if you turn in on too late or too early. There is such a thing as ADC bait, its used all the time. It still wont save you if you have a bad fit, or not paying attention.

Im not sure what you mean about “defensive” role, especially when it comes to industrials. Skiffs have no defensive role to speak of. DST have no defensive role of any kind, if they get caught, they die, no ADC will save you, unless its used to let you burn back towards a gate and jump if you land in a gate camp. DSTs are probably never used in deep space, they are slow and have no defensive measures of any kind.

Gankers would have to put more work into scanning the target first and make sure its got no ADC fitted, or have some reason to believe the pilot is AFK and wont use it.

You have not answered my question: like 95% of all combat ships, including all T1, all T3 and most T2 ships cannot even field such a powerful defensive device. Why should all industrial ships be able to? It makes absolutely no sense, not even lore-wise. If such a t hing is available, it would be available for the military at first (as it is right now, only AFs and HACs can use it). There is simply absolutely no reason why a Mining Barge or an PI-Hauler should have the combat technology that a Strategic Cruiser or a Marauder does not have.

Well, we might have a different opinion about hat. Skiffs have two defensive boni and they can be (and have been) used to actually survive and repel (or even bait) smaller roaming gangs with remote-shield support from a battle-Orca.

Check some of the killmails, the Skiffs really did some work here:

A statistic of 39k killed vs 45k ships lost is pretty damn awesome for an industrial ship that is used mostly for non-combat activities in my book.

Same goes for DSTs, they are sometimes used in combat to deliver Capboosters, Nanite Paste, Ammo, Stront, Fuel… and survive unter enemy fire while getting RR. Sometimes they are used to Bait and Tackle. And even if, they can fit

  • cloak/mw
  • mjd
  • ecm-burst
  • nullifier
  • get +4 warp core strenght (needing 5 points of disruption to be tackled)
  • enough tank to discourage most alpha fleets and many dps-ganking fleets

So yes, they are pretty pretty nice for a defensive playstile if piloted by a competent capsuleer.

And these are basically the only two ships where I could imagine that an ADC may fit lore-wise and would make sense in terms of balance.

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