Industry Tool

  1. I’m looking for an industry tool designed for hauling.

  2. I am trying to find ways to design hauling routes based on asset locations.

  3. Those assets are further owned by multiple pilots, which can form a hauling fleet, to bring the cargo to an Orca in High-Sec, or, later on, to a Freighter, for even more Cargo.

  4. It seems the program or algorithm would require more than just calculating distances in jumps, and the safest routes, although it only does that in essence.

  5. The only other factor to add and compile into this is the fact that the distances have to be organize to be the best possible paths.

  6. Other concerns are, which assets are better off to be traded to nearby haulers to avoid going to the same places repeatedly when the whole thing could have been done in one trip with the proper contracts trading to avoid going to the same places twice or more.

  7. I can design some methods that can be used to create a bubble sort algorithm combining the assets location of multiple pilots and multiple systems (and paths).

  8. I didn’t find any programs that can do that yet.
    I saw the route program, but it does part of this.
    Another good example of this was the code used by to generate the jump number from a start location.
    It did not add multiple coordinates as does, but does not display the number of jumps to multiple systems without entering the target systems one by one. used to generate and index the jumps to an item in each system it was offered.

The EVE Online Asset (Inventory) function displays the numbers of jumps, however, it does not plot the best path to multiple destinations along those lines.

None of those systems design the best path for a Freighter or Orca to take, with the lesser and faster industrial to join them and load them along the way.
I course, I am developing my own routes for this over the years, but it’s easier said than done.

jEveAssets have a routing tool, it only works for normal haulers, though, not jump freighters.
The problem is called the Travelling salesman problem
It’s a lot more complicated to calculate it if you have multiple pilots you need to assign routes, jEveAssets does not handle that.

Disclaimer: I’m the author of jEveAssets

Right, it’s more complex, however, it speed up the work greatly, and so, it makes the overall workload much easier.

What it more complex is the numbers of simultaneous routes, if you are limited by how many calculations you can manage per cycles, as in Hertz and MegaHertz.

It’s a logistical problem.
2ndly , where does the items to be picked , after having found suitable enough routing to have them picked up, go?

They ultimately should go to where the best and highest demand is for them.
However, that may very well not be the case for all products.
Some may end up on a closer path, more suitable for faster sale, if time is money.
That is the 2nd logistical problem to be solved and data to be gathered for to update and improve efficiency.

3rdly, where can those be stored, if not at production point, or sales point, which makes them readily available for logistic distribution?
How many of those storage location are required and why?

I’ll check out the routing system you have and produce, and I could use some of the data from it to create a route database on my end.
It would be possible to automate it, not to interact with EVE, but to get the exact best possible result for given situations / combinations in High-Sec.
For instance, some system are in low-sec and so, the routing database would be able to detect that.
Of course, I would have to build the algorithm to compare multiple possible routes and find the best combinations, but that is very feasible with the proper algorithms.

This, of course, does not include market values, which would further add another layer as to which routes is best in different situations.
Sometimes, and often times, it’s better to sell everything in 1 or 2 places, if the other best deals offers are not visited during the time their offer or demand is better.
Those people spending the time and resources to go to those other places, perhaps less often, can come and buy the items where they were sold at , at the 1 or 2 previous places, and bring them there, or find someone else to do it, if it’s worth it.

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